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do your worst

2022.01.26 02:24 Czito7 do your worst

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2022.01.26 02:24 freaknotthink XL is too small :( ISO 2XL

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2022.01.26 02:24 Solotato Made a Byakuya mod for Smash Ultimate!

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2022.01.26 02:24 asaltahami broke my toenail today🥲😭🥺 what color should I do next?😉♥️

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2022.01.26 02:24 190800 Choosing to do CS at 22

Hello guys,
I need your advice. I was a business major who was set to graduate in spring 2022(this semester.) I am an international student who is studying in the US. I was searching for jobs but realized that there aren't many for business majors who are international students so I decided to do Computer science as a double major.
I have started taking the basic courses that 18 year olds/freshman are taking. In addition, the people who have taken CS around me are pretty smart and have been great at maths/sciences and I wasn't very good at that. I am taking these courses at 22:(
I have been feeling very low because I feel that if I had researched much more earlier, I would have not been very late in this but I feel stupid and like shit because I feel I wasted these years. I am not able to study to my full potential because I am beating myself up and I feel like shit. I just have this huge mind block and now I am doubting if I will be able to study for more 1.5 years and I know I can but still.
I know that once I pursue CS, my opportunities will increase and I will be a new person.
Please give me your thoughts! Much appreciated.
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2022.01.26 02:24 bootlegunsmith21 marker is a leakin

What size O rings does a BT-4 combat need?
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2022.01.26 02:24 AsteroidKhan What's the Deal with all the Hackers?

Not sure if this violates rule 4 or not, as this post isn't talking about how to hack, rather just something I've noticed.
I used to love playing Battlefront 1 on xbox when it first came out, and into the first expansion. I made the switch from Xbox to PC a few years ago and stopped playing. I recently saw a Battlefield 1 post and decided to hop back into the game on pc. I've put about 5 hours into the multiplayer as of making this post. In those 5 hours I've encountered 2 hackers, in back to back games. I honestly wouldn't mind if it wasn't a noticeable hack, or if it was something I could still kill them with if they had it but both hackers are using tools that the normal player has no means to counter.
The first of the two hackers ran around the map the entire time. He was carrying some automatic weapon (not sure what, it was a support gun) and killing people in a couple shots from across the map. All the while, he was invisible. The only thing you could see was his gun, and as far as I could tell he couldn't take damage either, he had a singular death the entire game and close to 100 kills by the end.
The other hacker I encountered today. They clearly had some for of xray or auto-aim, but what really got me with this hacker was that of his two weapons, both were ridiculously overpowered. He killed me once with an assault weapon (once again, don't know the name) that fire so fast it killed me in less than a second. Most of the match he used a fully automatic Tankgewehr; any tank we had on the field would be immediately killed by this guy. The first time this guy killed me was when I was in a tank, and I died before I could even get a shot off on him.
Both of these guys also seemed to move at ridiculous speeds or were rubberbanding around the map. What really got me more than anything was that these were blatantly obvious hacks. A guy running around invisible and another who was spawning with a Tankgewehr made it painfully clear they were hacking. Is hacking really that common or am I just unlucky?
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2022.01.26 02:24 VampiresLife0 [HELP][DS3][PS5] Need help with Pontiff.

Any help would be awesome to defeat this guy. DM me if you can help. Thank you
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2022.01.26 02:24 mrdenizkrtl Lance Stroll, Bahrain 2020. This photo taken by Clive Mason has won Sports Picture of the year at the 2020 British Sports Journalism Awards.

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2022.01.26 02:24 Diamaudix Multiple Overloaded Operators in a Single Expression - Please Help

Trying to implement a robust class to allow for chaining operators, including logical operators, together.
With the following operator overloads, many evaluations perform fine, such as:
Number a(10); // Number is the class for extending the functionality of numerical types.

auto test = a < 5; // works fine
auto test2 = 5 auto test3 = a*a ; // works fine;
auto test4 = 5< a * a; // works fine;
auto test 5 = 5 < a * a < 30; // returns "True" when false

It has taken 4 days to get this far. An abundance of thanks if you can help figure out the final hurdle.
Your consideration is appreciated

These are the current overloaded operator functions:
// '*' overloads
Number operator* (const T lhs,const Number& rhs) {

Number temp(lhs \* rhs.getValue()); return temp; 
Number operator* (const Number& lhs, const Number& rhs) {
Number temp(lhs.getValue() \* rhs.getValue()); return temp; 
Number operator* (const Number& lhs, const T rhs) {
Number temp(lhs.getValue() * rhs);
return temp; 
// '<' overloads
bool operator<(const Number& lhs,const T rhs){
return lhs.getValue() < rhs; 
bool operator<(const T lhs,const Number& rhs){
return lhs < rhs.getValue(); 
bool operator<(const Number& lhs,const Number& rhs){
return lhs.getValue() < rhs.getValue(); 

Code to Joy
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2022.01.26 02:24 Strange-Future3659 Trainwreck does not value his viewers

Trainwreck lives up to his name, he's a train wreck of a person. He sits and bashes people in his lives saying if they're there at home watching him, they have no friends.... SAYS THE ONE WHO SITS IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER FOR 2 DAYS AT A TIME. KEYBOARD WARRIOR! Don't understand why people enjoy his constant negativity and bullshit streams.
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2022.01.26 02:24 PhoenixG09 Gravity fall and among us cross over??

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2022.01.26 02:24 South-Regret226 How can I move on after several years of nonstop problems with husband

Married for 23 years. I am 49 and my husband is 54. We have a daughter who is in college. Husband had a spending and eating addiction that was in “remission” when I met him. looking back, I was probably blinded by the newness of the relationship to see what was happening until after I had my daughter and was also dealing with the unexpected deaths of both my parents (mother was killed in an accident and father committed suicide 2 years later). I inherited money after my parents died and my husband spent a lot of it on cars, expensive electronics, buying an excessive amount of unnecessary things etc. When the money was dwindling down, he started using his credit card and the balance got so high that we couldn’t afford the monthly payment on that and our mortgage and other household expenses. Ended up selling the house to avoid foreclosure. Needless to say we started growing apart in the years and months leading up to the selling of the house. Countless fights begging him to stop spending money, all ignored. After all that happened, and there wasn’t the money to continue the spending addiction he turned back to food. Gained a lot of weight, Eating large amounts of unhealthy food every day, until he developed congestive heart failure which then led to cardiac arrest. Now he can’t work. He also has bad knees that couldn’t be operated on before because of his weight (doctor would only operate if he was under a certain bmi). He is home every day, on the recliner most of the time, still recovering from all the medical issues that he brought onto himself. It’s been 7 months since the cardiac arrest. The problem now is that I am still very angry with him for what he did with the money and with his health and things went from bad to worse with the cardiac arrest being the cherry on top of crises to deal with, that he brought upon himself and by extension, brought it upon me and my daughter. He would not listen to my pleas for him to stop spending and eating. The worst case scenario happened with both of those things. My husband is in therapy now and is watching his eating (still not working). He also expects that I forgive and forget everything and be the supportive wife because that’s my duty. It’s been an exhausting 7 months. Dealing with this latest health issue and still working my full time job has been exhausting. Up until a few weeks ago, he was restricted from driving for 6 months, so I took him to his frequent appointments, some multiple times a week, ran all the errands myself on the weekends. He has no idea why I would be so upset with him because of all this and says I should be more supportive to him. He says he has changed and isn’t the same person he was before with the money and food. I don’t know if I can move past everything that has happened since he doesn’t understand/feel the gravity of the problems he has caused and is putting the responsibility onto me to get over everything right now and accept that he isn’t that destructive person anymore. I have heard that same thing so many times. And every time, he would break his promises that he would fix it and do better. He also expected me to spend the rest of my life being his caregiver because that’s what a wife is supposed to do. He was fully capable of doing things independently by the time he left the hospital but he wanted me to prepare all his special low sodium meals and in addition, do all the housework, take care of the pets and make sure that I helped my daughter pay for college so she wouldn’t have enormous student loans to deal with later. I feel now that the entire marriage has been about him and what I could do for him. It wasn’t the partnership I hoped to have with him. Is divorce the only solution here? I really need someone else’s feedback because I don’t talk about my problems with anyone else and I am wondering if I am wrong in the way I feel. Or is he right that it’s my duty as a wife to forget about all the pain/problems he caused for the family and move on and dont dwell on the past.
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2022.01.26 02:24 albinocatyt Deez nuts idk mobile progress

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2022.01.26 02:24 wolfsbane67 Let them skate.

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2022.01.26 02:24 BadaB00mBabay Ковид. Нет, ну вот не пидор ли, а?

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2022.01.26 02:24 KittyKhaos1 Does anyone have 1-2 Daisy Rugs or 1-2 Sunny Springtimes Windows up for trade so that I can finish this room?

Does anyone have 1-2 Daisy Rugs or 1-2 Sunny Springtimes Windows up for trade so that I can finish this room? submitted by KittyKhaos1 to WebkinzWorld [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 02:24 idkwhy2021 Trading patriot on F1 lowgrips

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2022.01.26 02:24 Konarose5 Pilots of Reddit, how often are passengers of commercial flights put into serious danger without being made aware of it?

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2022.01.26 02:24 MeronDC anime in which the main plot is arranged marriage?

I look for animes in which the main plot or what starts the story and a marriage arranging; whether it's the person trying to stop your marriage by arranging to be with the one you really love, or running away from the marriage or accepting it starting a relationship with that person
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2022.01.26 02:24 tonysesh Two VMs in the same Vnet cannot talk to each other via HTTP

I have two VMs manually provisioned on Azure portal. They are in the same Vnet, same subnet. There's a NSG associated with the subnet, with the default three rules - one of which allows traffic to flow from vnet to vnet for inbound and outbound - as well as an inbound for SSH. Pretty basic set up.
I was setting up some services on them, one as a master node and one as a slave node. Then I realized the two cannot talk to each other via HTTP (further confirmed by nc each other's inet address). Ping works, however.
Been struggling for a couple hours for something seemingly simple, yet I have no clue what went wrong. Would really appreciate some help!!
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2022.01.26 02:24 montmaj Anyone know a mod to make the menu higher quality? (Witcher 3)

The menu video is kinda low res and looks wrong playing with mods and at 4k. Anyone know a mod to fix this
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2022.01.26 02:24 Fardin_Shahriar I have to curse the barber every single time I take a haircut !

I've never been satisfied with any of them. Every single time they cut my hair, it immediately makes me upset. I feel frustrated till my hair grows and become normal again. When I return home from the barbershop, and stand behind the mirror - I feel extremely embarrassed to see my face. Every time I get a haircut, I had to remain frustrated till my hair grows and return to its normal form again.
There's a new boy down the street, in the barbershop near our home. He's maybe a trainee, who had ruined my hair once 5-6 months ago. And about half a year later, he messed up my hair again. He is still the same unskilled dumb ass who have made me look cringe straight 2 times. Over this long period of time, I don't think he has learned anything at all. This time, it was even worse. He didn't even sprinkle powder on my neck, which is pretty common and basically an unwritten rule at every barbershop in my country.
However I instruct him, style my hair in front of him - he goes strait cutting down my side hair to it's weirdest form. Like how the army guys shorten theirs. And then he goes for the top of the head. Who knows why does he only knows to backflip the hair. He brushed my top hair to backwards and then cut the tip of the hair. Ok, that wouldn't be a problem if he then looked at the hair from every side of my head. But he didn't. He released me just right of the bat.
And when I come back to home, looked at my hair and it looked horrible. It was uneven. In the left, it was weirdly long and on the other side it was hideously short. It was the first time he cut my hair. After I returned home, I had to fix it with my mothers help.
And today, for the second time, that happened again. I told him to clean the side hairs about an inch from the bottom, and then he'd blend the hairline. And for the middle of the head, cut only and an inch.
When he started, he cut all the hair on the side, and left no longer hair. Usually when barbers cut side hair, they would clean the bottom first, leave a bit longer hair at the top and then make a fade. But instead of making a fade, he cut all my hair and made all of them small. So, there's no blend, no fade. All of them got the same tiny little size. I had nothing to do but let him keep going. Because I couldn't grow them back within a second.
When he reached for the top hairs, he followed the same steps he did in the previous session. He brushed the hairs to backwards and then cut the tips. Every other barbers would brush the hair, look at the head from all sides and would fix wherever it looks not perfect. But this guy released me right of the bat he cut only the tip.
Then I had brushed my hairs with my fingers, brought them to the front, covering my forehead. The hair was uneven, so I told him to fix the uneven parts. At that point, I got utterly annoyed. He couldn't even see the problem and didn't seem to know how to fix that. So, I gave up in despair and returned home.
I looked into the mirror and got surprised. I wanted to look line an oaknut but instead, he made me a pine apple. Maybe for the first time in my life, it has crossed all the limits. I wanted to cry and scream like a child. My heart has broken into pieces. So my confidence. I wished if I could suicide after seeing my extremely disappointing haircut.
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2022.01.26 02:24 anon94804 Broke up with my boyfriend, did I do the right thing

I’m so conflicted and my friends don’t have much relationship experience and seem to echo that breaking up was the right thing. My boyfriend (25) and I (20) met two years ago at university when he was an exchange student. He was my first real relationship. We got along really well and dated for 4 months, during that time he moved in with me at my parents’ house bc COVID. We were really happy together and even when we went long distance we could talk through our problems. It seemed our goals aligned and he always said I inspired him. The issue was I sometimes felt like he put me on a pedestal since I wasn’t as inspired by him. He was what I thought love should feel like, steady and comfortable. I was going to visit him this summer when on break from university and we were planning on engagement, we picked out the ring too and he bought it. One day we were having a conversation about our first time when he accidentally slipped it in and he said “oh I always meant to but it did go in by accident”. I was shocked and asked him to clarify and he said to not “ruin a good memory”. I was repulsed and couldn’t look at him the same. I played through some memories that seemed endearing but were creepier now. Like he turned the heat high in his apartment and had me take off my shoes at the door so I might take off my clothes easier. And he knew about the age difference by the second date and still went through with it. He also is still finishing his university degree (he’s a year ahead of me) and just started saving. He doesn’t have a large social network. I guess I felt like I was settling at 20. But now that I’ve broken up with him I miss him so much and I know I love him.
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2022.01.26 02:24 jookco albert omstead obituary 2021 : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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