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What happens when all of the 21M Bitcoins are mined?

2022.01.26 02:49 madferret96 What happens when all of the 21M Bitcoins are mined?

Will price go up instantly? How the ‘game’ will change after this point?
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2022.01.26 02:49 AmaruMain1 Hitman 3 100% guides

Is therr any guides to see how to do everything in each mission? I’m tryna get some achievements on this game. Note I’ve not played one before
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2022.01.26 02:49 lueggas Was benutzt ihr für einen Wecker?

Benutze mein Handy schon seit der siebten Klasse oder so. Merke aber irgendwie ist das nicht so zuverlässig wie ich gerne hätte. Bin z.B. gerade in der S-Bahn und 1 1/2h zu spät, joar. Was benutzt ihr als Wecker und funktioniert es für euch gut?
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2022.01.26 02:49 66_Spark_66 Legit? Wasn’t sure since there was no tags shown and the stitches design on the backs looks off to me

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2022.01.26 02:49 pulutan 25 [F4F] Potential Roomies in Makati

Hi there! I'm currently renting in Poblacion but am looking to move somewhere closer to work (Legaspi Village) and hopefully, somewhere more affordable as well. An option I'm considering is having a room/housemate to share the costs with but am not too keen on just joining existing bedspacers and/or room/condo-sharing situations without getting to know who I'm going to live with first.
My target budget is 6~8k, excluding utilities (but hopefully including!) but I can adjust it depending on the deal. I haven't found a place yet so let me know if you have one in mind.
The biggest challenge about finding a place for me is the fact that I have 3 cats. But I'm thinking if we were to get bigger places that don't share facilities with other renters, then they wouldn't be so strict about it anymore.
I also already have a lot stuff, (TV, Fridge, Induction, Vacuum, Blender, etc.) which is both a good thing and a bad thing depending on the situation.
About me:

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2022.01.26 02:49 Emergency_Ear9359 My boyfriend and I got into a huge argument after he gave away my dead brother's belongings. How do I move forward from this?

My (34F) brother (Michael) died on February 13, 2020 of a drug overdose. He was my best friend and I miss him very much. My partner, Nick, (32M) and I have been together - on and off - for over a decade and he considered my brother like a brother to him and he loved him Michael too.
Michael, Nick and I all work at the same construction company. We all know the same people and have the same friends. Today, I got a text from Nick saying "I gave Al one of your brother's hard hats when he was over the other day. He told me he has it hanging by his bed in his room. Thought you'd like that."
Al was best friends with my brother and works closely with Nick. We all are friends. If anyone should have a hard hat of Michael's it was Al. However, I was annoyed that he would give away my brother's things without asking, so I replied, "That's nice, but can you please ask before giving away my brother's stuff?"
He said, "I'm sorry, there are like 12 in there and I figured it was no big deal. It was a job they worked on together."
I said, "I know, but it's not yours to give away. Maybe his daughters (7 and 10) would like them some day or his future grandchildren? 12 sounds like a lot now but when it's all you have for eternity it's really not."
[Sidenote: I think 12 is an exaggeration... there's maybe 7 or 8 hard hats in the garage]
His reply: "Wow. You're really something else. Enjoy your day."
Now this is where things took a turn for the worse. I basically told him, just say you're fucking sorry and be done with it. You gave my brother's stuff away without asking and you're acting like I'm a dickhead because of it?
He seems to think because we have a garage full of my brother's tools that it's not a big deal that he gave away one hard hat. In my opinion, hard hats are special. It has his name on it, there are often stickers on them that give them personality, and there's a sweatband on the inside that is dirty and smells like him still.
I was very mad that he did it without asking me because I would have told him no. I told him that my dad would be livid that he did that (Nick has a great relationship with my dad) and he said "Lol tell your dad and see if I care. Like I give a fuck what your dad thinks."
I replied by calling him a cunt. I'll be honest, I was seeing red at this point. I know that calling someone a cunt isn't the most productive thing, but frankly, he was behaving like a cunt. The argument degraded from there. It went on and on with us name-calling and saying rude things.
When he got home, he apologized for giving away the hard hat, but the damage was done. I told him that I didn't want to talk about it and it was too little too late. I needed time to get over it.
The problem is whenever we get into an argument and I ask for space, he doesn't want to give me space. His way of handling a disagreement is by trying to fix it immediately. I don't always like that. I need space. In the past, we've got into 4 hour arguments because he'll follow me around badgering me. Yes, he'll often be apologizing and saying "he wants to fix it" but I just need time to be mad and process my emotions.
He refused to give me space. Once our 4-month-old was in bed, he came over while I was trying to work (WFH) and a two hour argument commenced. It went downhill quickly and turned into me getting mad about how we're not partners and he wasn't supportive when our son was born (only took 4 days off work afterwards, didn't help with nighttime feedings, basically only did the baby's bathtime routine). I went months sleeping no more than 30 to 45 minutes at a time meanwhile he's getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep. It was really stressful and I am still resentful even though our baby now sleeps 8 hours straight uninterrupted.
He also took three days off work to do things for himself like go look at a new truck out of town and go work on our other house in another town - all of these things happened in early pregnancy when I literally felt like I was dying of sleep deprivation and I needed his help. He said these were necessities. As was going to work 6 or 7 days a week for 10 hour shifts. Admittedly, he is struggling to prove himself in this company and in his trade. He got his first foreman job when I was pregnant and the project he's working on was at the peak of their work when I first had the baby. Before this, he was off work for a long time during COVID and before that he had cancer (did chemo and radiation) so he's really trying to make up for lost time now, but I feel like it's at my expense.
As you can see by that long paragraph, obviously this hard hat argument turned into something much bigger. We're now at a stalemate. He said I should have just texted him that giving the hard hat was a nice gesture and if I was mad then I should have waited and talked to him about it when he got home. That we could have avoided this whole thing if I didn't "blow it out of proportion." I feel like he doesn't know how to take criticism and that if he just apologized when I asked him to please ask me before doing things like that then we wouldn't be having WWIII.
At one point he said "You're really going to throw our relationship away over a hard hat?" But, I don't see it that way. I feel disrespect. I feel like he should have apologized. I feel like he didn't support me when I was at my most vulnerable (after giving birth). I feel so so hurt by all of it. Most of all, I miss my brother. God, I miss my brother. I'm not sure if my grief is getting in the way of real life right now. Like I should have let it go and accept his apology that he gave after work since it was genuine and sincere.
For reference, the apologize text said: "I'm sorry I didn't apologize earlier. I was having a really frustrating day and when you got upset with me it just made me feel like an asshole and I took it out on you. I just want you to know that's the only thing I really have given anyone. I only did it because Al asked and I didn't think you would mind. I'm sorry".
Instead of accepting that, I'm "holding a grudge" as he said. But, I really just wanted to be mad for a minute. I would have gotten over it with some time and space, but he refused to give me that.
I want to make this work. We have an infant and we've been together for so so long. How do I rectify this situation with my partner? Is this salvagable?
TLDR: My boyfriend and I got into a blow out argument after he gave away one of my dead brother's hard hats. The argument spun into a way bigger fight and I'm not sure where to go from here.
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2022.01.26 02:49 DuduMTL Cant install the game anymore

So, Game Start 1 and 2 were not working anymore, but I could still play on Steam. I tried to fix it using some youtube tutorials but it didnt work. So I went to the game folder and uninstalled it. When I tried to install it again, instead of downloading the game from scratch it is only updating the last patch. Now the game wont work because I deleted all folders and everything and for some reason I cant install it anymore. Does anyone know how to fix that?
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2022.01.26 02:49 MarkHirsbrunner All Star, but its the rite of spring by igor stravinsky - YouTube

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2022.01.26 02:49 brogmore A storm came through the Chickasawioux metropolitan area today

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2022.01.26 02:49 Rimbles1 This keeps happening with PUBG whenever it reaches 98%, any fixes?

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2022.01.26 02:49 Yojimbo_15 [WTSwap][VIC} 3070 gigabyte gaming OC (FHR) + cash for 3080 or 3080 TI

I don't mine so card was never used for that. Just want to upgrade to 3080.
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2022.01.26 02:49 brimreaper90 Was a nice touch in the new Spider-Man seeing Tony’s robot he’s always having problems with in Happys apartment

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2022.01.26 02:49 SuperNoob74 I have a question How much is one bitcoin?

I know it's some what worth alot but how much exactly?
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2022.01.26 02:49 TheLastOpus need help remembering a shop/song

there is a shop in windwaker where there is a cute song playing with everyone in the shop is doing the same dance including 2 kids and the skinny dude behind the counter. It's been AGES since i played the game but i was thinking about that place and trying to find a video of it and i just can't find it, nor the song.
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2022.01.26 02:49 funicode How doe Shenhe take care of her business in that attire?

Usually with one pieces it's not too hard to take it down low enough but Shenhe got so much going on on her neck and shoulders, if you know what I mean.
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2022.01.26 02:49 Economy-Benefit-5717 Once upon a time ______ . The end. OWE

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2022.01.26 02:49 Voodooo_Child_ Juwel Rio 125 light upgrade

Hey all,
I need to upgrade the lights on my juwel rio 125. They're barely producing 25W, and I believe I require nothing short of at least 40W. But I've been struggling to find lighting units powerful enough, but also small enough to fit into its 81cm length. I'm open to all price points.
I'd really appreciate the help!
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2022.01.26 02:49 bobisourlord Bhd fnaf security breach

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2022.01.26 02:49 NFTArt79 ++ [3DPW] 3D Pixel Warriors - Here Rhino 0.002 ETH Polygon ++

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2022.01.26 02:49 GlryX Test

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2022.01.26 02:49 Katburglar123 What was a plot twist or a reveal in a movie that you didn't realize was a twist and just assumed it while watching the movie?

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2022.01.26 02:49 Lost-Cry6457 10,000 products and all at 25% discount

I heard about this fantastic new vaping superstore that’s opening in the UK it's called Superpuffs and it said to open in the next week or so! The website will have a 25% discount on all wholesale and retail purchases! This sale will go on for the first three months of trading until enough customers become regular. This is a great opportunity to get all your eliquids, accessories, mods, disposables and with 10,000 products in stock there’s pretty much everything a vaper can think of. Don't miss out grab a vaping bargain!
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2022.01.26 02:49 Responsible-Extent60 first up-load post

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2022.01.26 02:49 mybustersword The clowniest clown prince

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2022.01.26 02:49 ghostinnjay Confused about Long Distance or waiting.

I live in Florida. Someone I'm talking to lives in New York. I am starting school Jan 26. I been talking to this someone for a little bit and he wants me to ask him, but I don't know how. It would be nice because I actually enjoy his company! But the thing is I don't want to get myself into any long distance trauma. I want to wait and meet someone at school. I NEED advice. ty swt <3 , love everyone and make sure to stay safe!!
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