2022.01.26 02:23 FranciscoIco Megaman

I love megaman
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2022.01.26 02:23 KwazyKatLadie Anyone else want more 'Beer and a Movie' videos?

I love watching the deep dives he does in the 'Beer and a Movie' segments for the popular YA franchises. He gives extremely interesting insight on the production of the movies, and backs up his critiques very well. Don't forget that alternate ending he proposed for Divergent?? Chills.
I really wish there were more than three B&aM videos. Since he's already covered Divergent, Hunger Games, and Fallen, what other YA Scifi/Fantasty films would you like to see him cover? I hope he does one on Stephanie Meyer's The Host. Oh and a 'First and Last' for the Shadowhunters!
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2022.01.26 02:23 DATTOOTHP1CK One can only hope

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2022.01.26 02:23 MOULIK-BHATIA-yeet Made in mematic

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2022.01.26 02:23 Fr_ogge Haven’t played in a couple months any offers/info on value

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2022.01.26 02:23 Distorted_Passion Generalizations will be the end of us

There are far too many people who say shit like "X is far more likely to be abused (just an example), etc." when it's all subject to area, time, place, region, and other things have to be taken into account. Spouting off and saying "X is three times more likely to be whatever" without saying before actually backing it up and saying why it's important. It creates a solid backing and it prevents the whole "my issue is more important than yours." That constant battle to for some reason invalidate real struggle just because they aren't yours is confusing. I know the whole "in a perfect world this would happen" bullshit however, it will be this fact alone that tears us to pieces and then not even the remains will be viable for use.
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2022.01.26 02:23 swaysadventures 993 ratings! Could we get to one 1k? Link in comments for ios

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2022.01.26 02:23 RackCity- Where can I buy Death Note manga

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2022.01.26 02:23 luckycharm1997 Vagina pain/ i am totally desperate

23(F) I don’t know if theres a doctor in my town that can help me. I have been experiencing a very specific vagina pain that feels like im being stabbed inside of my vagina for 7 months now. I never had issues before in my life. My issue started 7 months ago when a sexual partner gave me Mycoplasma Genitalium and I was treated but i still have this pain. I was tested for all stds at this point and no doctors do not know what is causing my pain now. Is there any other STD i should test for that is super rare?! Or any type of condition anyone knows of that causing a shooting stabbing pain up my vaginal canal along with swelling of my labia.
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2022.01.26 02:23 The_Overlord_Laharl Which LL do you think looks the strongest so far?

title Of the ones we have full info for, who do you think looks like they’re the strongest? I’m thinking Zhao could be a contender but I wanted to hear what you guys think
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2022.01.26 02:23 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.26 02:23 DarkSide-DarthVader I'm not a fan of Batman

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2022.01.26 02:23 sanjayamadushan When singing a favorite song

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2022.01.26 02:23 omegarub This is how I feel hitting plat with an Eldlich deck and being a new player

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2022.01.26 02:23 _TDM LF: Palkia FT: Dialga

Hi. BDSP player here looking for Palkia to help complete the dex.
IGN - Dan Code - 12001496
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2022.01.26 02:23 lovelyava98 GET $30 for 20 min of work at day

Basically there's hype about these at last in the least 3-4 weeks, so I jumped on researching and found a way
of playing those games without having to actually do deposits or some other shxt to earn crypto.
So first of all, I did some research of course.
I mean, yes you basically can always go on websites like 24kcasino to earn money while playing games. However, casino gaming may not be for
everyone and some gamers can get easily tired of playing slots and table games like poker, blackjack, or roulette.
This is where playing NFT games can come in handy When it comes to gaming, NFTs are represented as the characters, consumables, and other tradeable items in the game.
Think of your character skins and items in games like Fortnite or Call of Duty and give each of them an actual value. These traditional games don’t really allow the players to sell or trade these items for fiat currencies but in the world of NFT games, you’re completely free to do so.
However, you can only use cryptocurrencies which you can eventually trade for a fiat currency.
I've earlier tried playing Splinterlands, where you get to buy, sell, and rent out digital cards that you and other players can use to get into ranked battles. Winning a rank battle could also let players earn an in-game currency called Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) which also has real value. Currently, the DEC value is still less than a dollar but that’s how the game works. You have to grind to earn more.
In this game alone, there are multiple ways to earn money. Players can start with buying a spellbook that allows them to go on ranked battles with DEC rewards.
You don’t have to spend money on cards right away because the game has free cards that you do not own but can still use for battles. If you want a better chance of winning these battles, you can then go to the game’s market and buy cards from other players.

This game is an online, virtual bitcoin mining game where you compete against your friends to mine bitcoins. It takes the concept of bitcoin mining, but instead of the sophisticated Blockchain and processing algorithms, lets you test your skills, complete missions, undertake tasks, and play games to build your mining empire.
Basically, they have cut out the hard stuff and kept the amusement. You need to build and develop your own mining data center, make upgrades and tweaks to boost your mining power and compete with friends.
No real-world set-up, no hassle - just sign up, log in, customize your character, and you’re ready to go. You’re in complete control!
Currently, you can mine 3 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, Dogecoin, and ETH. Additionally, you can mine Tokens (RLT), an ERC-20 token that functions as the game’s native currency.
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2022.01.26 02:23 mansotired Hong Kong could stay COVID hermit until 2024, business body warns

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2022.01.26 02:23 blubs_will_rule [US-KY] [WTS] [H] EVGA Z15 Mech Keyboard w/ Kailh Speed Bronze switches [W] PayPal

Tried this guy out for a day or two but wanna pass it on for a good price. I’m thinking $25 plus shipping, which we can work out in DMs depending on whether or not you’d like the original box! It’s hot swappable, so it works great as a starter into the hobby if you throw some Gat Yellows or something along those lines in. The bronze Kailhs in there are also good if you enjoy clickies!
Comes with keyboard, wrist rest, 8 speed silver linear switches, switch puller, and keycap puller.
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2022.01.26 02:23 420sensi420 Mango Smile, Week 9. Coco+707, GO Nutes, FC-E4800, 5gal

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2022.01.26 02:23 ContentForager2 I understand now (/r/GodofWar)

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2022.01.26 02:23 Lyndsay_ann Feet pics??☺️ for more on snap @linnxx48

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2022.01.26 02:23 TheLovingTruth 1988 - Remember that hashbrown sleeve? Keepin' it crispy!

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2022.01.26 02:23 Moonlight0123 Was not worth the time

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2022.01.26 02:22 OpinionBearSF Help cut through the confusion, please. I qualify for ACP, and want a 5G phone/plan that lets me tether my laptop, that works well in San Francisco.

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2022.01.26 02:22 rdu_96 Dominatus 2022 Video

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