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2021.12.01 21:08 tinseltowntimes The best thing about this show is the sense of impending doom

And the varying timespans of the 'decree'.
Is it better to know that you're going to be beaten to death and sent to hell in 30 seconds time, or 20 years time?
One is quick, the other allows you to live your life for decades, but that time is spent largely fearing what's to come.
(I don't actually think it's hell at all, but supernatural forces having some fun)
Great show though, those hell gorillas always turn up on time and that's terrifying in itself.
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2021.12.01 21:08 LindellBrown What are your grails OUTSIDE of Juice's music?

Grails and the definitions of such have been frequently discussed this week, and it got me thinking (as a fresh question)..
What is your favourite grail outside of Juice's music?
There are hundreds of other artists with even more unreleased songs, so there must be a couple grails out there that you're praying on.
Mine personally are X-Man by Lil Pump and Habits by Comethazine. WBU?
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CDL camos gone? I logged on to wz today to find that the cdl camos were completely missing. Does anyone know if this is a temporary thing, or a permanent change?
the cdl section is missing the camos
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2021.12.01 21:08 UncleCeiling Going Native, Chapter 37

Read Chapter 1 Here
Previous Chapter Here
It's Wednesday my purp-lovers and eggplant-haters! Enjoy!
He was on Earth! Askel could still hardly believe it. After some more chatting with his patient, Stace had started to get some VERY graphic pictures on his omnipad. Askel had taken it as his cue to leave and find his hotel. A quick but painfully expensive cab ride and he was there.
His room wasn't anything special, but it would do until he could find a place. Askel had traveled light, especially given the short notice, so there wasn't much unpacking to do. A quick shower and then straight to bed. Askel had been scared to fall asleep, afraid that he would wake up to find himself back home again. He had awoken to the same hotel room, the same slightly off gravity. Askel had done it. He made it to Earth.
The moment he left the front doors of the hotel and stepped into the dull morning light, he realized that he might have made a HUGE mistake. There were white puffy flecks like dandruff drifting down from the overcast sky and it was cold. Horribly cold. Much colder than it was the previous day. Colder than a city had any right to be. He sprinted back to the hotel room and dug through his clothing options. He wasn't hot-blooded like a Shil'vati; if he got too cold he would just slow down, fall asleep, and die. Askel threw on whatever clothing he could layer, but most of what he had was fitted to his slender dimensions and wouldn't fit over anything else. Two shirts, three pairs of socks, and both of his jackets fit, but that was the best he could do.
The mirror showed that Askel looked positively ridiculous, but it would have to work.
...It didn't. The instant he walked out the door he felt his skin starting to go numb.
"Need help?" The concierge at the desk was a young human woman with dark hair. She was apparently enjoying watching the small gray Helkam freezing half to death.
"It's too cold. I... how do you live like this?"
The human laughed. "It's not that cold. Later this week it's supposed to really get chilly."
Askel crossed his arms across his chest and glared at the human. "It's not funny. If I go outside right now I will literally die. Helkam aren't made for the cold."
That stopped the laughter. "Really? Why are you in Colorado? This is pretty much the worst place you could have picked for a vacation in winter."
"I'm a private nurse and my new patient is in the hospital here. I didn't know it would be like this." He had made it to Earth. All his hopes... everything was going to crumble if the planet was so inhospitable that he couldn't even leave the hotel.
"Hey, it's alright. No need to cry." The woman came around the desk, looking concerned.
"I'm not crying," Askel replied automatically, sniffing. He stood there as the young woman looked him over, judging his height and build, even going so far as to reach out and grab the fabric of his jacket and rub it between her fingers.
"Yeah, none of this is going to work. We need to dress you properly."
"You'll help? Really?"
"Of course. I'm not going to let a cute guy like you freeze to death. Just give me a few minutes to make some calls."
Askel spent half an hour in the lobby, drinking hot tea and sending messages back and forth with Stace, before another human, a boy with the same dark hair, arrived carrying a cardboard box.
"Can't stay long, but mom picked this stuff out. Just make sure you don't want to keep any of it." The woman dug through the box, pulling out a couple of strap-covered pieces of clothing and stuffing them back in the kid's arms, then took it from him.
"Thanks, Evan. You're a lifesaver." The kid gave his sister a salute (hitting himself in the face with the straps in the process) and ran out the door.
"Okay, come on, let's get you dressed." Askel awkwardly followed the young lady back to his room. His first time being alone in a room with a woman like this. If she made a move this was going to go really poorly. Instead, she unpacked the box onto the bed. "These are long johns, you can wear them under regular clothing. Basically extra warm undies. Some long sleeves you can wear on top of that, and these are flannels you can wear on top of THAT. If you get too warm you can just unbutton the flannel and wear it open. Kinda trendy that way.
"These jeans look like they'll be a bit baggy on you. I guess my butt is bigger than yours. You have a belt you can use?" Askel nodded, slightly dumbfounded. "Awesome. Here are some heavy socks, some gloves. Oh, sweet, mom packed my old coat."
Askel reached out and felt the fabric. It was clearly synthetic, waterproof, and a wholly unnatural bright orange color. It puffed out in big quilted squares and had a hood lined with some sort of faux fur. Quite possibly the least stylish garment Askel had ever seen, but it promised Goddess-blessed warmth.
"What do I owe you for all this?" Considering he hadn't been working lately, living off his parents' good graces, Askel had almost nothing to his name. And with how severely he had underbid to get this job, he likely wasn't going to have much money in the future either.
"Nothing, just pay it forward and donate it to a shelter when you get your own. Honestly, you're doing me a favor by taking my old clothes. It clears up some closet space and gives me an excuse to go shopping." The young woman smiled at him pleasantly. "I'll leave you to get dressed."
While nothing was a perfect fit (the human was a bit larger than him in pretty much every dimension), Askel did take a moment to admire himself in the mirror. He looked... normal. Like a human, but with gray skin. Not like he was trying to wear everything he owned. He did have to cuff the legs on the jeans, but aside from that he looked fine.
When he went back to the hotel lobby, the human waved him over. "My name is Jessica, by the way. I realized we hadn't introduced ourselves." She held out a hand and received a fist bump in return. "I can't pronounce the name on your paperwork, I don't think," she said sheepishly.
"Just call me Askel. Thank you again, I don't know what I would have done without your help."
"Don't mention it. I called the hotel shuttle service, they should be here any minute to get you to the hospital. Call the desk here and they can send the shuttle again to pick you up. It's free, so much better than taking a cab. Just remember to tip the driver a few credits or I will never hear the end of it." Jessica handed him a paper card with the hotel information printed in small, tight letters.
"I can't thank you enough, Jessica. You've been amazing."
That earned another smile from the human. "I do what i can. Besides, helping our guests is kind of my job."
The cold was still horrible, but Askel was able to make it from the front doors to the shuttle bus and had just enough time in the shuttle to warm back up before he sprinted from the shuttle into the hospital. If Jessica was right and it was going to get even colder, Askel was going to need to figure something out long-term.
"Hey, Stace. Still no Elera?" His eyes immediately drifted to the pile of papers on the table in front of his patient. Stace had a reference book open and was trying to write some sort of letter, though he was having a very rough go of it.
"No, she is sleeping in. Sent me a message." Stace looked up at Askel and smiled. "You don't need to dress like... like a human for me."
"I didn't. I was just really cold. I took this job in a hurry and didn't realize I would need cold weather gear. A girl working at the hotel gave me this." Askel held out a hand and Stace took it. The human had a look of confusion, then broke into a huge grin.
"You're an *ectotherm!*" The human was positively giddy at the discovery.
Askel was confused for a moment, then remembered his conversation from the day before. "And you're a biologist." When Stace released his hand, Askel felt... he wasn't quite sure. Stace's skin felt positively on fire compared to his own, and the contact from another person felt nice, even if it was momentary.
"Can you help me? It's not a nurse job. I need to write something but I can't... I don't have all the words."
"Of course I'll help." Askel grabbed paper and a marker and the two got to work.
Commander Delec inspected the tiny room. It had a bed just big enough that a Shil'vati female could fit diagonally across it, a small dresser, a TV, a mirror, and an attached bathroom. It was small to nearly the point of claustrophobia. Nearly.
"How many of these rooms did you say there are?"
"Twelve." Sammi pointed to a different room across the hallway. "Ayen is using that one, but we're clearing out an office on the second floor for him to use instead."
Delec grinned. "They're perfect."
Sammi tilted their head and looked at Delec. "I would never in a million years call our accommodations 'perfect'."
"You're not an assault commando. Compare this to living in a tent or the back of a dropship."
After a few moments of thought, Sammi nodded. "I can see that. Talk to Sam; he'll know which walls down here are load-bearing and we can open up and combine the rooms if that will help. I have the feeling we're not going to have many tourists visiting from now on." The human sounded sad, but that wasn't Delec's business.
"I'll run it by the girls, but honestly I think they'll prefer the privacy. Everyone will have to double up but we'll be running multiple shifts so I don't see any problems."
"Shall I continue the tour?"
Delec followed Sammi back up the stairs, trying to wrap her head around the situation. This adorable little human with the blonde puffball of hair, less than half of her mass, was supposedly the genius responsible for the biggest improvement in beam weapon technology of the last two hundred years. They had stormed in and instead of finding a weapons lab they had found... whatever this place was.
"Ma'am, this sucks." One of her marines, still in full combat kit, was awkwardly laying on the floor, applying spackle to a damaged section of the wall. Sammi's traps were brutal in their simplicity: a shotgun round slid into a short length of pipe and attached to a device that would set them off if you pulled on a wire. They were screwed into the door frames and the tripwires were placed in... odd locations. The little physicist had used extra screws like pulleys and run them often in the least sensible way. For a commando trying to move fast, those thin tripwires and their unusual locations were horrifying.
"Just be glad that cute guy suggested this instead of running naked laps. It's still an option."
The commando started attacking the wall with renewed vigor. "Yes, ma'am. Happy to help, ma'am."
"Next stop is either the science center or the planetarium." A loud growl sounded from Delec's stomach and she felt an uncharacteristic flush hit her face. "Or we can check out the restaurant."
"That would... yes, that would be nice."
The double doors swung open and the smell of frying food filled Delec's nostrils. There was seating for at least twenty and through a long window on one side the soldier could see the two males, one Shil and one Human, working together in the kitchen
"What's shakin' bacon?" Sammi leaned through the window to talk to the pair. "Mind rustlin' up some grub for us?" After a moment, a pair of plates slid up on the window sill and the human, Samuel, hit a small bell. Delec grabbed the plates of food and brought them to a table while Sammi went into the kitchen to say a few words to the males. When they returned, that pleasant face with the bright green eyes looked troubled. Against her better judgement, Delec decided to ask the obvious question.
"What's wrong?"
Sammi picked at their food. "Sam isn't handling what happened very well. He used to do a lot of... well it's not my place to say. There was a lot of pressure for him to take a more active role."
"A spy?"
Sammi shrugged. "Something like that. He doesn't handle violence well and didn't want that sort of life. Neither of us ever wanted to hurt anybody, so he retired and we built this place. Now he's killed however many people-"
Sammi glared and Delec sheepishly looked at her plate, scooping up some fluffy yellow substance with a fork and popping it into her mouth. Her eyes widened at the taste and she could barely slow herself down as she started shoveling it in.
"Anyway, when Sam gets stressed he either works or cooks." Sammi waited for an opportune moment, then dexterously slid Delec's empty plate out from under her fork and slid their plate in its place. Delec had another bite halfway to her mouth before she processed what had happened.
"Do you think he would mind cooking a meal for my team? We didn't get a chance to grab any food before we made planetfall and the emergency rations we have majorly suck."
"I'm sure he would love to, but you should go ask him. Introduce yourself. Make him more comfortable."
Drop a commando team into an active firefight? Easy. Chat with two cute guys after you just made yourself look like a slob by shoveling food into your mouth? Commander Delec swallowed her pride along with another bite of scrambled eggs. This was going to be tough.
Elera's 'walk of shame' back into the hospital happened just before noon. The lights seemed overly bright and she knew she was going to have to find something to take care of the hangover. First she had to check in with Stace and make sure he was okay. Even with his approval, she couldn't help but feel a little guilty.
"Elera! I was worried you'd be late for your meeting." Je'ohy ran up and began ushering the marine past Stace's room. She had just enough time to see Stace was talking animatedly with a young man, a Helkam of all things.
"What meeting?"
"Your meeting with Stace's doctor. Reico managed to make some time in her schedule."
"Oh." She was not aware there WAS a meeting. Clearly Elera was not a responsible guardian for Stace. If she was forgetting meetings, what else was she missing? She was out of her depth.
She was more confused when Je'ohy left her not at an office, but at an examination room. Doctor Reico, the same doctor who had been managing Stace's care since he was admitted, motioned for Elera to come in. "Take your shirt off and lay down on the table." She gestured to the long examination bench.
"What is this about, doctor?" In lieu of a reply, Reico pulled a folded piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it to Elera. She recognized the cheap drawing paper and felt tip pen as the supplies she had picked up for Stace, though the handwriting was unfamiliar.
Doctor Reico,
I am writing this on behalf of Eustace Grant. He first wanted me to commend you for the quality of care he has received in this facility; due to his rather unique circumstances it has been difficult for him to adjust and communicate, but the staff here has been nothing but helpful and kind.
The main message he wanted me to convey to you is this:
When he first met Elera Heleum approximately two and a half months ago, he did so by removing her from a dangerous situation involving a wrecked vehicle. She had a piece of sharpnel approximately 160 cm long embedded in her left anterior abdominal cavity. He removed this and sutured closed a 1.5 cm perforation in the intestinal wall using human-made disolvable sutures. He used the same to close up the abdominal wall and sealed the incision itself with steel surgical staples. Post surgical treatment was done by injecting human antibiotics and painkillers in doses equivalent to standard dosing guidelines for a human of her approximate mass. As Elera was not conscious at the time, she could not advise in these actions.
Stace is worried that there may be long-term complications for Elera, either due to surgical issues or perhaps damage to her tissues caused by the human medications. Additionally, she was attacked by some local wildlife and received over a hundred sharp spines to her face. Stace removed these but isn't sure if Elera would let him know if there were any lingering problems.
Would you please take a look at her and make sure she's alright?
Thank you,
Askel, Nurse for Eustace Grant
"Done reading?" Before Elera could answer, Reico gestured towards the padded bench. "Good. Now take your shirt off and get on the damn table."
The padding was made to be washable, not necessarily comfortable, and it stuck to Elera's back as she scooted into position. Reico swung a medical scanner on an arm with a gimbal over her face and started pressing buttons.
"Ah, here we go. In the infrared you're quite the pincushion." Elera could feel her face getting hot, a rush of blood as the doctor inspected her. "I'm not seeing any foreign tissue, just some micro-scarring. Porcupine, correct?"
"You can tell?"
The doctor laughed. "You're not the first marine to get too close to a porcupine and lose. First I've seen who got hit in the face, though."
"I thought it was dead. I was planning to bring it back to the cabin so we could eat it, didn't realize it was still dangerous."
"Want a tip?" Elera nodded at the scanner; she couldn't see anything else. "If it's on this planet and it moves, it's probably dangerous in some way or another. Even the flora is suspect; every spring or summer we get at least thirty marines with awful rashes from some of the stinging plants."
The doctor slid the scanner lower, moving until it was over Elera's chest. The silence was increasingly uncomfortable until Elera finally gave in. "What are you looking for?"
"Many marines, not NECESSARILY you, are idiots and like to try out human drugs. Menthol and such can cause serious cardiac issues in Shil'vati. You seem fine." The scanner continued lower, and the doctor continued the narration.
"Ah, here we go. Found your boyfriend's handiwork. Looks like everything closed and sealed okay, though there is some scarring on the abdominal wall. To be expected." The doctor went to a nearby table and grabbed a syringe with a long, thin needle. She clearly DID expect it if she already had medication prepped. "I'm going to do some spot injections of an enzyme that will help your body reduce the scar tissue."
"The scar won't go away, right?" Elera had gotten attached to the weird, pale mark. The doctor let out a laugh.
"Typical marine. No, it won't make the visible scar vanish. It will make it more flexible, though, so it won't hurt or pull when you move." Using the scanner as a guide, the doctor began sliding the needle into Elera's abdomen. She could feel the pinch of the needle and an odd, cold sensation whenever the fluid was injected. Pull the needle out, reposition, and repeat. A few minutes of discomfort and it was over.
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This is a fanfic that takes place in the “Between Worlds” universe (aka Sexy Space Babes), created and owned by u/BlueFishcake. No ownership of the settings or core concepts is expressed or implied by myself.
This is for fun. Can’t you just have fun?
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2021.12.01 21:08 bigmatt_94 Need help with sound latency issues on my new PC

So I bought a new PC and I'm having some issues with sound latency on my new PC. I'll make this post as detailed as possible so hopefully someone can help.
Old PC: Asus Zenbook (Model: UX305F)
OS: Windows 8
Sound Device: High Definition Audio Device
This laptop was designed for students so it really wasn't made to run DAW's yet it had no issues running FL Studio and the audio input and output latency was so small that it wasn't noticeable and I had no issues playing things in time with the typing keyboard and there was no issue recording vocals with my mic too as the recorded vocals were also perfectly in time. Also, I never messed with the audio settings in FL Studio and left everything as the default settings. The default audio device was FL Studio ASIO. I never changed the buffer length or adjusted anything else to try and minimize latency.

New PC: Asus TUF DASH F15
OS: Windows 10
Sound Devices:

This is a gaming laptop which is 5 times more powerful than my old laptop. First of all, I noticed when using the default sound device within FL Studio which is FL Studio ASIO the audio quality was complete garbage. I switched the device to Realtek ASIO (preinstalled on my PC) and the sound quality was much better and made my projects sound much more like they sounded on my old PC. I noticed that there was much less latency when switching to this device as well. I also adjusted the buffer length to the smallest value to minimize the latency even more. Yet after doing all of this there is still more latency on this PC compared to the old one.
I don't understand how my much more powerful PC can have more latency than my old PC when I have adjusted all of the settings to minimize latency and didn't adjust any settings on my old PC to minimize to latency.
Another issue was to simply to do a vocal test with my USB mic (which is a Blue Yeti mic) I couldn't do it with Realtek ASIO set as the sound device as the sound just got completely destroyed and was completely distorted in my headphones once I plugged in my mic. I had to switch back the device to FL ASIO to have undistorted sound and switching back to that increased the latency which meant that my vocal test was completely out of sync with the tempo of my tracks. So basically it's impossible to record without massive timing issues on this new PC.
I don't know what the issue is. I'm thinking it's either the sound drivers of this new PC simply aren't as compatible with FL Studio and therefore don't work as well with the program as the one on my old PC did, or it's an issue with Windows 10 (thinking this might be a possibility as my old PC had Windows 8).
Could someone help me identify what the issue is? I don't know if there is more stuff within the PC settings that I need to adjust to increase the overall performance or if I should just return this PC and get a different one. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2021.12.01 21:08 yolosguide Legendary Magic Item, Relic: Ägo, The Realm Stone

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2021.12.01 21:08 Important_Fruit_9987 Report Writing Tips?

I have my REACT test in a couple days. The last section says it’s on report writing. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for solid report writing?
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2021.12.01 21:08 02sporrt Xbox Series X Controller Issues :

For the past couple days my controller has been acting weird. The a button seems to be.. stuck? Not in the sense that it doesn't work but on the home screen, it doesn't register and in games it works perfectly fine. But in apps like youtube and crunchy roll, its like you press a and the menu to pause and the video length pops up and wont go away, but its not like its pressing a on its own either because i can select things fine. If anyone has any type of solution, let me know, thanks.
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