Oculus Hand Tracking SDK?

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2021.12.01 22:31 hexlandus Oculus Hand Tracking SDK?

Can someone point me towards any API/SDK documentation regarding hand tracking?
I'm curious if the hand tracking can be used to track all 10 fingers -- I need to learn ASL (American Sign Language) and I'm crap at it. I'm wondering if it might be possible to write an ASL educational application using the Q2 hand tracking so that I can both learn ASL and converse with other (remote) Quest users.
Or - there might already be software out there that supports this?
Sorry if this is a n00b question, I'm only just getting started.
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2021.12.01 22:31 Salty_Abbreviations4 “Let Down” Is A Freaking Masterpiece

Does anyone else feel the same way? It’s my personal favorite Radiohead song…
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2021.12.01 22:31 MarionClaude WTF Anime Moment From Dark Cat

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2021.12.01 22:31 Sea-Suspect8964 When they try to project and guilt you into thinking you are the abusive one. Do they really believe themselves when they do this?

My partner and I are fighting almost every day lately. Last night she sat there telling me that everything was my fault. I sat there listening and not saying a word while she name called, belittled me, rehashed all my mistakes, telling me that I was the one who was abusing her.
The worst part was when she told me that I was the cause of her Post Partum Depression. That because I didn’t just let her say and do the mean nasty things she wanted to do and we’d end up in fighting that it was my fault. That because I would call her out on her behaviour I was the bad guy. I was told that I was abusing her when I’d tell her she was wrong and that the when I’d try explaining or giving a reason she would flip it around and blame be for all the problems escalating the arguments. That because I didn’t know she was suffering from Post Partum Depression at first that I was the cause of it being so bad. Once I realised what it was I urged her to go see her GP and a Therapist to work through it.
I was told that I have never supported her and that I have never done enough to show her I care.
I admit. I’ve made mistakes and haven’t always made the right decisions. I haven’t always been calm when a problem came up, I’ve reacted badly when called names. When I’ve tried explaining and my opinion or reason has just simply been dismissed. I’ve tried talking to her about how her behaviour is/was/has affected me and I’ve gotten frustrated and angry when nothing I said was listened to and I was told I was wrong.
I have things that have followed me into this relationship from my previous relationship (I was married 14 years, have 3 kids and debts I unfortunately still share with my ex). I hav done the best I can to be a good partner and provide for my partner and our 1 year old daughter. I work hard in 2 jobs. I do my best to show her I love her but nothing has ever been enough.
I feel enough guilt and shame for my mistakes and because my partner constantly brings them up I can never get far enough away from them for the guilt and shame to subside.
How can they not see that their behaviour is wrong?. How can they not see how hard we try to make the happy?. Why do they think we are lying when we are telling the truth?
I’m so confused 😐
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2021.12.01 22:31 atlasargomuse Sharing some of my favorites

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2021.12.01 22:31 carlyrae_jimson_weed H̡̪͗a͉̖̎p͔͐ͫp̞̆̂y̶̥͆ D̸̖ͅe̶̝̋c̯̿͜e̡͇͝m̟ͯ͑b͕̈́͟e͉͘͞r̠͠͝!! Î̧̝ s̸̍͜t̠̃̍o̸̭̎ļ̺ͮe̷̳ͬ w̡̝̏ȩ͐ͬě̸̿d̩̀̃ f̷͍̀ŕ̸͈o͔͛̕mͨ̍̀ t̢͜ḧ̵͜ř̶̹i̡̐͐f̷͎͆t̩̿͊ s͓̍͢t̘͌͢o̢ͮ́r̮͌̊ēͬ͊ f̞͚͡o̳̳ͥr̛͉͊ ỳ͇͑o̵̞̊u̹̬͜?

H̡̪͗a͉̖̎p͔͐ͫp̞̆̂y̶̥͆ D̸̖ͅe̶̝̋c̯̿͜e̡͇͝m̟ͯ͑b͕̈́͟e͉͘͞r̠͠͝!! Î̧̝ s̸̍͜t̠̃̍o̸̭̎ļ̺ͮe̷̳ͬ w̡̝̏ȩ͐ͬě̸̿d̩̀̃ f̷͍̀ŕ̸͈o͔͛̕mͨ̍̀ t̢͜ḧ̵͜ř̶̹i̡̐͐f̷͎͆t̩̿͊ s͓̍͢t̘͌͢o̢ͮ́r̮͌̊ēͬ͊ f̞͚͡o̳̳ͥr̛͉͊ ỳ͇͑o̵̞̊u̹̬͜? submitted by carlyrae_jimson_weed to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 22:31 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/d-gray-man-fille
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2021.12.01 22:31 allpowerfulsharkgod Looking for Tarkov group?

Hi! I am 22 (she/they) looking for some friends to play tarkov with. Im not very good and i have definitly watched more tarkov than i have played. Please DM me if youre interested :)
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2021.12.01 22:31 WholesomelyChaotic An experiment with Mim's powers, Feat. WoFized Dr Buck and Agent Green. Seems like I'm updating every dragon's color pallette, lol. Mim is just drawing becaise she wanted to, it's not part of the experiment.

An experiment with Mim's powers, Feat. WoFized Dr Buck and Agent Green. Seems like I'm updating every dragon's color pallette, lol. Mim is just drawing becaise she wanted to, it's not part of the experiment. submitted by WholesomelyChaotic to WingsOfFire [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 22:31 Xxx1982xxX Puppies Crash Christmas Fun Cooker Easter Egg

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2021.12.01 22:31 radiolotus83 NBD-My new Tarmac SL7 Pro. Took her out to Northern Phoenix, AZ this past weekend. Shot was taken ad dawn.

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2021.12.01 22:31 Ironfighter1505 Mega steelix 3346 2376 5558 and 1442 0237 0126

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2021.12.01 22:31 Bitemebitch00 My friend and I cracked the code

Hear me out.* Me and my friend, that escaped the Pentecostal religion, had an enlightening conversation the other day and we were able to put the spiritual abuse into words.
Finally able to unclog that emotional drain and putting it into words, I would be honored to share with my fellow survivors. (This post is a bit lengthy, but I promise it will be worth it. If you wish to get through quickly, feel free to skip to the "Parasite Anology" section, for less reading time. Thank you.)
So in this post I am going to use a few different analogies to describe the gist of what happened, hopefully unclogging a few of your emotional drains. ❤ It's so hard to grieve something that is not fully understood. (I have been sobbing for days after figuring this out. I was speechless after talking about this with her.)
In order to get to the analogy, I first have to use a specific example to lead up to it, so it can be better understood. I will use the basic altar call example that I'm sure so many of you wonderful people have experienced, sadly. I will do my best to keep it brief and succinct, in order to make this post more readable.
First, you might have decided that you would rather stay in your pew because you didn't feel spiritually moved, or are uncomfortable. You are setting a boundary. A silent one. (The boundary doesn't have to be voiced for it to be broken.)
Second, you are approached. Not only is the boundary being questioned, but you are told that your boundary is not truly what you want to do, and you are told that your boundary is a thought from the devil. They are not just suppressing your indivualidity, but they are also telling you it is evil.
Third, this escalates to guilttripping. They begin to vocally make assumptions about your character and actions. "He is rebellious. He must not have a good walk with God. He is thinking about backsliding."
Fourth, this next step is were coercion begins. They may physically force your hands into the air, or try and drag you to the altar with them. They successfully, and efficiently, have surpressed and denied your need, have forced you to evilize it, and also to hate that part of you. You may be surrounded by many people that have also seen your silent boundary, and want to kill it as well. You give in. Honestly what else is there to do? They have this down.
(Interesting take on the above example: A friend of mine unhesitantly called this spiritual rape. They see a boundary set, question it, begin forcing themselves on you anyways, and then more people forcing themselves on you, instead of defending you. I though that was an interesting take and believed it important enough to be shared with you. Take it or leave it.)
Now to the reason I'm here. The analogy below that changed my life. DISCLAIMER: Feel free to add any sort of twist to it that you want. It is not a fully hashed out anology and is currently in progress.
On to the analogy.
Parasite Anology: All of us come in as a whole person (hosts). Effectively, as soon as we come into the church, they quickly implant us with a metaphorical parasite. It definitely starts out small. It is tiny, and slowly, they begin to feed it. You may not even realize it is happening. They teach you to feed it, as well. Slowly, feeding it becomes ingrained in you. It gets bigger and bigger, and begins to eat the you (the host). It replaces you as it eats. It happens so much, that by the end, there's not much left of you. It becomes replaced by parasite.
When the parasite is eating at you, it hurts so much! So much so, that you start crying... I like to imagine this person tied to a chair as they are stared at by a huge parasite. The monster's eyes are glazed over. It is their goal for you to be eaten completely.
You sob, "This hurts! This hurts! It's eating me!"
The parasite calmly responds with a slithery voice, "No, it doesn't.. You don't think that. That is the devil, talking to you.", it coos. "You are giving in to him again? How disappointing.... You need to repent and make that go away..". It knows it will do anything to keep you here. Even make you deny your pain.
You cry, snot dripping from your nose, and it stares at you blankly.
"This is happy...", it says as it caresses your cheek with its dry, scaly hand. It feels cold to the touch and makes you sob even harder. You cannot even look at it.
The monster is very hypnotizing. And when you look up, through your tear-filled eyes, you realize that this parasite used to be a human like you. It has been eaten so completely that the host is gone. It is fully a parasite and seeks to create more like itself. That's all it can do.
You keep crying. Soon guilt trips and character assumptions ensue. Getting eaten alive by the parasite is supposed to be a blessing, even an honor. Admitting pain, would imply that it's not! That would be unacceptable!
Its getting to your organs! "Why are you doing this?!", you scream. You struggle against the ropes and duct tape that bind your arms behind the chair. You attempt to wiggle but your movement is restricted since your legs are tied to the chair.
"Because.. We love you.. We care about you!", the parasite softly breathes.
The parasites digs even further into your flesh and you scream again, loudly.
"The people outside are bad like you. You are special because this parasite is eating you up! They are evil and cannot be trusted", the monster says. "If you don't let the parasite eat you, you will be condemned to hell. Your skin is going to melt off your body and blood will be everywhere. You will watch as others bite their tongues until they fall off.. You don't want that.. Do you?"
How can you leave? You've been told that people on the outside are dangerous, you're tied up, and leaving would mean ripping out this parasite, that has been mangled with your organs. It's so big. Just your head is left. You are trying to hold back tears on the verge of falling down your cheeks. You try and sniffle them back. You manage to smile. This is happy.
How does this happen? Why does this happen? The answer is extremely insidious.
Persistent denial of our needs, creates a culture of persistent denial. The cycle perpetuates and continues. Compassion cannot exist towards us (the host), only apathy because we are regarded as evil.. We are in pain, devoured, and can't ever truly cry. True compassion (or even pain) can never be shown.... The system would break and the host could potentially break free. That would be unacceptable. They can show hypnotizing fake concern; encouraging and convincing the host to stay to be devoured. We all race to become a parasite faster than everyone else. We will be rewarded then.
The persistent denial of our pain becomes so repeated. We truly have no choice but to believe it. If we continued to cry, they would do anything to gaslight our pain away. If we cried, they would start guilttripping ("Being eaten alive is the price of your spiritual salvation. Out with the old, in with the new. We just care about you (the host) so much!"). Soon, it escalates to retaliation ("Get off the platform."), criticism ("You look like a whore wearing that!"), intimidation, condemnation ("You will go to hell if this continues"), isolation (telling other members to stay away from you because you are admitting the damage that is happening to you), and humiliation (any of these tactics in the presence of other people).
We learn to be quiet because they will do anything, without limits, to deny our suffering.. We numb the pain, fearing what will happen to us. We quickly become effectively brainwashed. "This doesn't hurt! It is a hedge of protection! I'm okay, I'm not sure what you're talking about! They love me so much." Sound familiar?
We become so brainwashed that when we see other hosts leave, because of the pain, we cannot even relate anymore. Genuinely dumbfounded as to how other hosts don't see being eaten alive, as a blessing. The blood, missing holes in their body, the maggots, the worms: it is a blessing, we've learned. We smile.
The truth? Everybody's being eaten alive. Some of us have been devoured completely, there's nothing left. I'm sure we have all met them.... Their eyes are empty, their smile is big, a gentle touch on your shoulder to remind you that they care about you as they deny your boundary, raising your arms against your will. They've been devoured, completely. They succumbed to the parasite. They are dead.
It... is so horrible.
After leaving it can be hard to figure out what's the parasite and what's you. And I have to say that's okay. You can rip out as much as you want, but they still have left eggs in you to slowly get rid of! You are doing your best and you have been taught to habitually feed them. The host has been eaten alive, taught that they are evil, and unintentionally been killed by people that they trusted. You are spiritually disabled right now. Please treat yourself as such. Much love and thanks. Please process gently. ❤
The church needs there to be a flaw in you, so they can fix you or "save" you. How can they do that if you believe you are perfect as you are? Do you remember the people that came to a few services and then left? Their boundaries were walked on, they felt the pain, and left. The church couldn't convince them that there was something deeply wrong with them, and they moved on. Good for them! (I say that sarcastically, but also grateful for their freedom.)
Please remember, they do this to children! Holy ghost Sundays, making them fear eternal damnation as young as four years old. They are helpless to the parasite. They quickly learn that they are bad, boundaries are bad, and the pain is something to respect and love. They beg to change, to get eaten quicker by the parasite. Little hands raised, tears running down their face, sobbing and falling to the floor, terrified. This is spiritual abuse. It doesn't matter if it's to adults or children! This is abusive behavior. I cannot help but feel my heart go out to these people. They are people and they should've never experienced a parasite attempting to kill them. They never stood a chance!
Please, comment below if you relate to any of this. If you made it this far, I want to congratulate you. This stuff is hard to read and hard to process. I'm gonna be crying for weeks. I hope your day goes well.

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2021.12.01 22:31 dirrtyremixes Nervo - Basement (Albert Neve Remix) / TOOL104504Z / Toolroom

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2021.12.01 22:31 professionalbeaUt9 The new LaunchPad - GainPool|Forget Coinlist - now there's GainPool|$GAIN is the new gem X100 - the token of the cool LaunchPad GainPool!

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2021.12.01 22:31 IDVW8261938 What’s a fun question you can ask someone to get to know them?

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2021.12.01 22:31 gunbalaya Offer rescinded: How do I pick up the pieces?

Doubt many have been in this position, but I just had an offer rescinded at Big4.
They loosely cited that my salary counteroffer was too out of line, but in reality it was only a 13% gap and I thought I was professional about my counter. I must have pissed off the wrong person during the meet and greet (post-offer).
I just feel so down and could use some encouragement. But also am fired up and applying places like a madman.
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2021.12.01 22:31 Damannn213 They told Me if I Give the people what they want, I will get what I want too so...

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2021.12.01 22:31 johnrock001 Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List

Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/rurouni-kenshin-fille
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2021.12.01 22:31 monkeIsGreen Lump on foot (No Images)

An occasional lump on the (arch) side of my foot that appears sometimes when I stretch my feet. It becomes really painful for about a minute or 2 and goes away. The lump is about an inch wide and half an inch tall. Less of a pinching pain, more like a pressure pain. Male, Younger than 14. Has been going on for a few weeks.
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2021.12.01 22:31 Carsondianapolis Dropshield needs a buff

Definitely the most useless equipment available. Grapple hook allows insane maneuverability. Repulsor can deflect grenades, rockets, throw people off edges and out of zones and make a big jump. Threat sensor can be useful in zones and marking where enemies are hiding behind cover. Thrusters allows you to catch enemies, quickly get out of bad situations, and make jumps you otherwise couldn't.
The drop wall however is just about useless. It takes far too long to deploy, is only blocking in one direction, and the shields go down way too quickly, rendering it useless. Plus, you can only have 1 up at a time. Imo the shields need to be about 25% stronger, deploy faster, and we should be able to have up to 2 at a time.
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2021.12.01 22:31 jabbadahood north dakota 2021

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2021.12.01 22:31 spoilmedontplay Anybody real?

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2021.12.01 22:31 ainsfloaveron Post-Step 1 summary/rant.

Did the exam on Monday (November 29th). Feel like I need to let this off my chest. I apologize for length.
I advise against reading this if you're anxiety-prone or if you haven't taken the exam yet. Or read it, you do you.
US IMG, started semi-studying/skimming through material at the beginning of this year. Had no fucking clue where or how to start, but friends said the best thing to do was to just start somewhere. It was definitely overwhelming, more so because I was doing it alone and had no idea if I was doing things right. I eventually got the hang of it and probably started studying more efficiently and effectively around July. Did the usual FA, Pathoma, Sketchy Micro/Pharm, B&B, Goljan.
I was an incredibly mediocre student. Like the mediocre-est of the mediocre. I wouldn't consider myself a disciplined person at all, but I don't consider myself dumb either, and I'm pretty good at cramming, so I passed classes. I can understand and remember things if you explain them to me once through, but that obviously meant grades were just plain mediocre, and it was obvious I never listened in class or studied. I was the 'oh they'd do so well if they just applied themself!' student that teachers love-hated. Despite all of that, I sped through rotations with flying colors and was considered a good student in the hospital because I catch on quickly and I'm good at the practical aspect of things, and I was great with patients. Reading books? Not so much. I'm notoriously a bad test taker.
The rise on my scores was very painstakingly slow throughout these last few months. All my NBMEs were shit scores, but UWSA1 (245), UWSA2 (243), and Free 120 (81%), all done in November, gave me hope for exam day. These are up from a ~190 that I got on one of the free assessments Lecturio and Amboss offer at the beginning of the year. I burned myself out early on because I was going at it ~12hrs/day with minimal to no breaks, but all the studying I did during that time was effective. Eventually I slowed down when I started feeling better about my progress and started taking days off. I was maintaining proper sleeping habits (to the best of my ability) because of lifelong insomnia (at its peak in 2016 I was getting 0-30 minutes of sleep a night, yay depression) and tried my best to wake up early with little success (6:30 on some days, 8:00+ on most days). 8:00 sounds early to some, but it's frustrating when you want and try earlier for months on end and your body just doesn't let you day after day, so 8:00-8:30 it was.
This is where my rant begins. If you haven't taken the exam, I suggest clicking off.
Rant 1: Fuck NBMEs. Like fuck em. I freaked out big time cause my NBME scores were pretty distant from UWSAs. I don't understand how people can call these things predictive when most questions are so far off from UW and a lot of it is memorization rather than understanding concepts. NBMEs just gave me anxiety. I wish I had never taken any of them because they were the most demoralizing throughout my Step journey. I did UWSA2 1 week out and Free 120 2 days out and did well enough. I thought ok. I'll be fine.
Rant 2: Knowing my history with insomnia, I did everything right on Sunday. I woke up at 7:00 (earliest I could), took it easy, exercised, showered, meditated, took melatonin, and was in bed by 9:30pm. What time did I fucking fall asleep? Fucking 4:00am. I'd semi drift into a super light sleep and then jolt myself awake, and that happened 2 or 3 times in 3 hours. By midnight-ish I wanted to cry out of frustration. Put ASMR, no dice. Around 3-4 I finally fell into a light sleep and maintained it until opening my eyes at 5. Closed my eyes til 5:45, but stayed awake throughout. Brain was buzzing, felt too nauseous to eat, considered rescheduling because the next day was my last eligible day and there was a spot open. Looked up Reddit posts to calm my nerves; this happens to everyone, right? Posts say adrenaline takes you far. What's the point of paying $$$ to reschedule one day if insomnia was probably going to fuck me up again? Fuck it, said I. So off I went. Breathing exercises the ride there helped. Waiting in line at Prometric helped. Obviously was tachycardic by the time I sat down at the computer but I'd say I was as calm as I could be, all things considered. Took all my breaks, had protein bars and beef jerky, coffee and water. Didn't even feel that fazed by block 6 or 7, due to proper use of break time. But the entire experience was extremely frustrating.
Rant 3: I feel like nothing high yield was on the exam. I couldn't even point out which questions were the extra no-points questions. I guessed on a really good number of them. I could narrow it down to 2 options and would end up guessing between the last two. The whole exam felt like a guessing game. There were some I definitely knew, but less than I expected. Probably 5-10 on communications, <5 on epidemiology, lots of cardio (2 questions requiring headphones), neuro, everything else was spread out evenly I'd say. I don't even remember any of the questions to be able to look up answers, which I wasn't planning to do anyway. I was on autopilot the entire 8 hours. 7 actually, because I finished blocks with 15-20 minutes to spare, so I've been wondering if I should've gone through slower (what if I misread?). I left feeling like anything between 200-240 would be fair game. How could UWSA2 be predictive if there were no similarities between it and Step? Same for the Free 120. The idea of the word 'predictive' eludes me when it comes to all practice exams and the actual exam itself. It feels like there's no absolute way UWSA2 could be predictive at all for me, and that's why I'm freaking out. I've read posts in which people had been getting practice scores similar to mine yet somehow failed Step. Considering my horrible test-taking abilities, what if that happens to me too? I feel like I wasn't tested on anything that I studied, and that whether or not I had kept studying wouldn't have made a difference.
I've had a constant headache since the exam because I'm weaning off the coffee and melatonin. Been trying to calm my anxiety down by focusing on shows and movies I've neglected since July. Trying to just breathe and focus on mentally preparing myself to start studying for Step 2. I'm going to visit the SO and friends abroad, where I studied, since I haven't seen them since July, and it will be a welcome and much needed break.
If you've gotten this far, thank you for taking the time to read all of this.
AMA, and any and all advice or words of wisdom are welcome.
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2021.12.01 22:31 Toro0160 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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