Yay or nay?

2021.11.29 14:27 NicotineCult Yay or nay?

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2021.11.29 14:27 wozhenshitaikaixinle 朋友圈警校晶哥转的公众号

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2021.11.29 14:27 AchieveinBusiness Scored a back-compat PS3 for £40! (More details in comments)

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2021.11.29 14:27 bbuba I have designed a waterblock to cool an amplifier, I am trying to determine if my design is sufficient. I am unsure of the equations to use.

We have an amplifier that needs cooled. The amp produces 240W at 25% duty cycle. I have been told were going to run the bitch at 100%. My coworker did his math and came up with 700W need to be dissipated after the power is sent throughout the rest of the system. I don't want to get into this math, for the sake of it, we are saying we need to dissipate 700W. The amp will cut off at 55C, let's try to keep it under 50C.
I designed and manufactured a water block, before I had time to do any calculations to know for sure if it would work. The waterblock is directly under the amp, outlet hose goes to a radiatopump combo. I cannot find any direct information on this combo and what kind of efficiency it has. I have some numbers for one that looks kinda similar, but radiator efficiency units (378.8 Watts/10o C) are confusing me as it relates to this.
I know all of the dimensions and material of my waterblock, an assumption of the flow rate (3gpm), ambient temperature(40o C), using water for the fluid (for right now), fluid velocity (3.862ft/sec), Reynolds number (22,580.57), turbulent flow, and delta T from amplifier through waterblock top (0.526o C, Fouriers Law of Conduction).
I think, to prove my efficiency, my question is:

I had a really minor intro into Heat Transfer in my Thermodynamics class a few years ago.
I think I am looking at Internal Forced Convection with a constant heat flux.
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2021.11.29 14:27 phumade Duo Arrested for Installing Crypto Mining Software on Department Store Computers

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2021.11.29 14:27 AnonymousZhao About deleting the account

Once the account is deleted, does the app delete EVERYTHING about your account? Including your profile, location, photos?
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2021.11.29 14:27 samisfortunate How to have a generation of world composed of islands in a huge ocean ?

I would love to be able to play in this type of world but I don't know how to proceed.
The exploration aspect by boat from island to island attracts me so much (Im playing too much sea of thieve)
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2021.11.29 14:27 kra_koa Recent party commission I did composed of a tortle paladin, a half orc barbarian, a human necromancer, an aarakocra ranger and a dragon turtle that loves noodles.

Recent party commission I did composed of a tortle paladin, a half orc barbarian, a human necromancer, an aarakocra ranger and a dragon turtle that loves noodles. submitted by kra_koa to DnDart [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 14:27 Made4542 Lunarian Legacy!😮| Let's Play Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #13 (PC)

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2021.11.29 14:27 Tribbit180 My work is handing out the book "Question Behind the Question" by John G. Miller for free

Typing this up on my phone during break so apologies for any formatting. I hope this is the right place for this.
I work at a bank and received an email today stating that they were giving away this book for free to anyone who wanted it, and were also having a seminar early next year. There was no explanation of what the book was about, so as someone who loves reading and was curious I grabbed a copy.
Little concerned that the secretary had to write my name before handing out the book, but maybe they're just keeping track for inventory purposes.
But y'all, reading the back of this book made me laugh in disbelief. Copy/pasted from a web page:
"The lack of personal accountability is a problem that has resulted in an epidemic of blame, complaining, and procrastination. No organization-or individual-can achieve goals, compete in the marketplace, fulfill a vision, or develop people and teams without personal accountability.
John G. Miller believes that pointing fingers and blaming others cannot solve the troubles that plague organizations. Rather, the real solutions are found when each of us recognizes the power of personal accountability. In QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, Miller explains how negative, inappropriate questions like "Why do we have to go through all this change?" and "Who dropped the ball?" represent a lack of personal accountability. Conversely, when we ask better questions-QBQs-such as "What can I do to contribute?" or "How can I help solve the problem?" our lives and our organizations are transformed."
Now I haven't read the book so I could be getting the entirely wrong opinion about this and maybe this could be a helpful tool. I'll definitely still read this because I'm always willing to learn and improve. But coming from a business that has no training system in place for new employees, doesn't hire people with the needed experience because it's cheaper to hire untrained temps (absolutely nothing against temps, I started here as a temp, but our job really requires specialized knowledge and the way temps are treated here is terrible. I would know), and a victim blaming management that loves to dish out blame but won't accept well meaning thoughts on how to improve our processes... well this whole thing seems like an extremely distasteful joke.
Bet none of our department VP's are going to pick up this book and they're the ones holding everyone back.
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2021.11.29 14:27 Puggedd Will Arch Linux ARM have its own archive?

I'm referring to this arch wiki page that details what the archive is.
The really neat feature is how you can configure pacman to basically be a not-so-rolling-release distro by utilising the archive to point pacman to use a monthly list of packages so they are "frozen" in time until the next month, when pacman will see the updated list and use the new one.
I can't find an archive for Arch Linux ARM, so I can't do such a thing.
I found this GitHub repo for a port of archivetools to ARM, which seems to be the program used for Arch's archives. I have absolutely not clue how to use this or if it will be used by the official ARM team.
If there's a good alternative for automatic archiving for Arch Linux ARM please let me know!
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2021.11.29 14:27 -KoiBoi- Awesome Haul from yesterday!Sidenote: Are the Demon Slayer Pops actually exclusives or is that a mess up?

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2021.11.29 14:27 tle131 Behold the ultimate battle!! Part 3

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2021.11.29 14:27 mx1701 Take a moment to appreciate how epic "Arrival" is from the Halo 4 OST

This song in the background during the final mission while fighting enemies left, right, and center is absolutely beautiful.
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2021.11.29 14:27 Zealous_Flan710 ok guys now i'll make you die laughing

- darth jar jar
- anakin slaughter children lol
- gonk
- qui GONE jin
- ben swolo
- maREY sue
- highground
- palpatine = senate
- anakin not master
- mace window ahaha
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2021.11.29 14:27 eyethoughtphoto Pikes Peak Panorama

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2021.11.29 14:27 Phasewave designed a tour shirt, thoughts⁉️ 🧛‍♂️

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2021.11.29 14:27 rainypage E320 (Costco $299) vs E310 (Amazon, $289) for Single Person (Mostly Smoothie Use)

Like it says in the title, I'd love some opinions on which explorian to buy. I have a food processor and a nutribullet, but I got bariatric surgery a few weeks ago, and the Vitamix is especially appealing because I'm looking to transition to smoothies with a lot of greens + frozen fruit and protein powder going forward to meet my micronutrient needs, as this can be difficult with solid foods. My nutribullet struggles a bit with frozen fruit as is, and even with raw baby spinach I'm still left with smaller bits, which can be hard for me to digest for a few more months. Is the E320 really too big for making one serving of smoothie, or should it be fine? For 1 serving of smoothie, volume wise I'm thinking it's likely to be about 5 frozen strawberries and or 1/2 a banana, 1 cup packed greens, 1 cup almond milk and some protein powder.
The Costco deal appeals to me because of the extra horsepower and of course the Costco return policy, but the PCA cups get terrible reviews, and the E310 comes with the 48oz container which seems much more appropriate for the volume I'll be making day to day than 64oz with a wide base.
Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it.
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2021.11.29 14:27 TimelyCup2998 Cuffies is building a DeFi social live streaming App 100% powered by our BSC token $CUFFIES 🔗

Join our group and get a whitelist spot for the $CUFFIES Presale at cuffies.io/cuffies-whitelist.
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By purchasing the $CUFFIES BSC token, you are investing in a superlative tech startup, getting a 20% share of all profits of $Cuffies.
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Cuffies is a tech startup social media and live streaming DApp, with a native token payment system and exchange, $CUFFIES BSC
About the Tokenomics: - 100 million $CUFFIES in circulation - 20% of DApp profits distributed with holders - 8% buy fee, 10% sales /tipping fee
Website: http://www.cuffies.io Whitepaper: http://cuffies.io/cuffies-token Telegram: @cuffiesofficial
Secure your whitelist spot 🙌 Join our telegram!
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2021.11.29 14:27 Former-Wrongdoer4952 🙀 NINJA CAT BSC 😹 Meme-Rewards-Gaming Token on BSC 😾 Just stealth launched |100% safu | Low MC 🙀 NFTs + Gaming + BUSD rewards + Huge potential 💖 Amazing New Game | Doxxed Devs 💰 Don’t miss out on this next big gem


🙀 NINJA CAT BSC is by far the most fearsome and destructive of the bunch, STRIKING FEAR into the hearts of the citizens of Tokenopolis!!!!!!!

😹 NINJA CAT BSC will be appearing in a city destruction simulation game with his barnyard buddies. The NINJA CAT BSC team is gearing up for the big release and are so excited to build this community. 💪

😻 With our first game already in development, NINJA CAT BSC is looking forward to creating a fun place for investors to come and compete with community members for prizes. Bridging out beyond the world of BSC is next, with plans to reach the wider gaming community.

Realization of a global crypto is the big dream here at NINJA CAT BSC. The crypto focus and ability to interact with cryptocurrencies during your experience at our establishments will help educate those new to crypto and attract those already familiar with this world.

😾 Menu will be mainly focused on “comfort food” without the fast-food stigma. We don’t like to say “fast food,” as we don’t like to sacrifice quality by rushing here at NINJA CAT BSC !! All of our menu items will be delicious without compromising quality.

💚 Jonh us TG now......

🌎 Telegram: https://t.me/NinjaCatBsc

✅ Contract is Renounced

🚀 Total supply:

🔥 Burned : 20%

🔒Liquidity Locked

🎯 Tax : 10%


🐳 Anti-Whale Mechanisms

🔰 Pancake Swap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xd2121d75c772f13866774e2b721059ffae5e8fd5

🔰 https://www.honeypot.is/?address=0xd2121d75c772f13866774e2b721059ffae5e8fd5
🔰 Deeplock: Lock LP

Game Swap, Game Farm, Game Merch and many more coming in the project roadmap🚀

Good Luck!! 🌟
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2021.11.29 14:27 Freya_Strahug Pastels

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2021.11.29 14:27 SWAdanks Parts for Switch?

I need a new SD card and some external screws for my Switch. Any advise on what I should buy?
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2021.11.29 14:27 MrFattyBoombatty Tad is in boxes!

He's mostly just been gifted in clothes that he likes wearing. If anyone would like to come and adopt this little jock frog just lmk!
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2021.11.29 14:27 Lutherized Nix Cheat codes sheet- https://twitter.com/knixfiddlestix/status/1465350528460890121?s=20

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2021.11.29 14:27 Shitty_wizard_ [FREE FOR PROFIT] TRAP BEATS - "Lost Ones" | Type Beat 2021 | Rap/Trap I...

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