LFL announce that they will have an english cast

2021.11.29 15:43 Laaxus LFL announce that they will have an english cast

The newly created LFL Twitter just announced that Northern Arena will cast the LFL in english !
You can find their twitch channel here.
The first day will be the 12th of january, as for every credited ERL. I can't wait !
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2021.11.29 15:43 zakdar75 I know eth thresher’s are the way to go with merc weapons but what would this go for?

I know eth thresher’s are the way to go with merc weapons but what would this go for? submitted by zakdar75 to Diablo_2_Resurrected [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:43 Kergiday- jungkook ile ewlenicem

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2021.11.29 15:43 bombadil1564 "media created" time is wrong once transferred to PC

When I copy my files from the SD card (removed from 70D and inserted into Windows 10 PC), the time displayed in File Explorer is wrong. How do I fix this? This matters because when it comes to editing these videos, the proper time stamp will help a lot.
Googling suggested to run some exif command line tool...which I'd have to do every single time I transfer files...which is ridiculous to have to do...how can I just fix it to show the correct time without needing to run command lines?
When I right click on one of the files in File Explorer, the click Properties, the click the "Details" tab, there are three dates listed. For example:
Media created 11/23/21 4:39 AM
Date created 11/23/21 4:44 PM (this is the date/time I copied this file from SD card to the PC, which is showing the correct date/time)
Date modified 11/24/21 12:56 PM (this is the date the video was taken on the camera, which is correct and SHOULD be what "media created" shows
The difference between "media created" and "date modified" (actual time) is 8 hours and 17 minutes. Which confuses me even more, because it makes it look like it's not just a simple time zone thing or something. The time, date and time zone is set properly on both the PC and the 70D.
Surely this must be a common problem...do you have any advice?
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2021.11.29 15:43 Adabags VIDEO: Charli XCX in wardrobe malfunction but singer laughs off nip-slip

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2021.11.29 15:43 HappyKinkster123 (Serious) Veterinarians of Reddit, what's the dumbest reason a pet has ever been brought in to see you?

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2021.11.29 15:43 geopolitiki According to Indian media quoting military sources, China is dramatically enhancing its positions on the Indian border, including the construction of airports and roadways, as well as the concentration of Chinese missiles along the border. - GEOPOLITIKI - read more on:

According to Indian media quoting military sources, China is dramatically enhancing its positions on the Indian border, including the construction of airports and roadways, as well as the concentration of Chinese missiles along the border. - GEOPOLITIKI - read more on: submitted by geopolitiki to geopolitiki [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:43 KeithHelm Where can I buy these books?

Hello there lads & ladies & NBs. Hope you’re all well.
Can you please help me out locate any of these 3 Arabic books authored by Abdullah AlQasimi:
‎كيف ضل المسلمون
‎أيها العار إن المجد لك
‎الرسائل المتفجرة
Any help is appreciated 🤍
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2021.11.29 15:43 Realistic-Asparagus3 Facts or no?

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2021.11.29 15:43 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for zbytnikxt

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2021.11.29 15:43 zk_protocol Question about using multiple versions of Maya on AWS Thinkbox

For those of you who have used Autodesk Maya on AWS Thinkbox. If I need to scale Autodesk Maya horizontally, do I need a new Server license for each duplicated instance?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you
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2021.11.29 15:43 ShoulderMiddle 📱 Travel , Entertainment , Betting all in one app ? 🎖 TEB Protocol 🎖 ♠️Potential MoonShot 🌟 📣 Pancakeswap on 19:00 UTC !!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Last 20 minutes ❗️❗️❗️

Presale Price: 0.005 $

Estimated PCS price: 0.1 $

Agreements made with Coin Exchange offices

⭐️ Five reasons for smart investors ⭐️

1️. Mutual agreement news with hotels, casinos and tourism agencies including usage areas

2️. Strong team of engineers and marketers

3️. Original and comprehensive whitepaper

4️. Mobile app

5️. Half of the total supply will remain locked for 5 years and very few Teb Token will circulate

What's Teb Protocol ?

Teb protocol aims to create a system where users can benefit from discounts and special privileges thanks to the mobile application that will be created with tourism agencies, hotels, airline companies and casinos.

For use in hotel reservations, flight tickets and casino expenses all over the world. Teb Protocol , which has already distinguished its place among the most powerful coins in Binance Smart Chain , carries out strategies to maximize the satisfaction of its investors and users with the smart contract it creates.

What will we do ???

We will be trending on all known cryptocurrency channels on Reddit, Coinsniper, Coinhunter, GemFinder.

On November 29, we will burn 20% of the total supply.

Half of the remaining supply will be locked for 5 years

Before pancakeswap, we will inform about 2 tourism agencies that we have agreed upon.

Dextool trend will be held on November 29

Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listings will come.

We will release the first version of the mobile app.

🟡 Token Information 🟡

Name / Symbol : TEB Protocol / TEB

Total Supply :

Type : BEP20

🔥 Initial Burn

📱 Mobile App

✅ Coingecko / CoinMarketCap

🎯 Coinsniper

🎯 Coinhunter

ℹ️ Links:

Telegram Group : https://t.me/tebprotocol

Telegram Announcement : https://t.me/tebprotocolannouncement

Twitter : https://twitter.com/tebprotocol

Web : https://www.tebprotocol.com/
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2021.11.29 15:43 Lechugameister Can anyone ID this jacket?

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2021.11.29 15:43 chinsjohn Hey guys, I just came accross an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative product offering. They have partnered with Multi-Bank Group, one of the top asset management institutions in the United state. Do well to check them out:

Hey guys, I just came accross an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative product offering. They have partnered with Multi-Bank Group, one of the top asset management institutions in the United state. Do well to check them out: submitted by chinsjohn to Cryptocoin [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 15:43 AltTabulor Black light kitty

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2021.11.29 15:43 leewilliam236 The Eyes of Texas

Are Upon You
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2021.11.29 15:43 JomuStudios Fire stick 4K 2021 vs 4K max differences?

I recently decided to buy a TCL S535 from bestbuy due to its high praise, however there’s one downside I just can’t ignore about it, roku.
My goodness it is disgusting to look at, not to mention the constant apps being pulled is concerning.
So as soon as I go to purchase the tv, I plan to get a fire stick since I like the software, question is:
Is there a difference in picture and sound quality of the 2? Because at bestbuy the 4K 2021 is going for $35 CAD vs the max which is going for $50 CAD and I really don’t want to limit the features of this tv.
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2021.11.29 15:43 Ultrajante Help me find episode where guy seems turned on by Carrie flipping pages off book he wrote or something

I’ve been watching SATC this past week for the first time. Met a friend today and she said she used to watch it long ago. Anyway, I was next to her while she was reading and the sound of her turning the page reminded me vaguely of this scene that now I can’t recall exactly how it went down. I’m guessing it was Justin Theroux second character on the show or maybe The Politician guy… maybe someone else, idk. Did this happen or am I crazy? Would love to know what episode this was in so I can show my friend. thanks
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2021.11.29 15:43 kuzedef Racing games like Forza or Gran Tourismo will have pretty quiet events in the next few years due to electric cars.

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2021.11.29 15:43 newmusicrls Traxsource Top 100 House November 2021

Traxsource Top 100 House November 2021 GENRE House, Jackin House, Funky House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Soulful House AUDIO FORMAT MP3 320kbps CBR RELEASE DATE 2021-11-29 DOWNLOAD NiTROFLARE SIZE 1.35GB WEBSTORE traxsource.com/genre/4/house 100 TRACKS:

  1. Agency – Baby I Want Your Love (CASSIMM Remix) 05:22 122bpm Am
  2. Aldo Bergamasco, Antonello Ferrari – I Gotta Feelin feat. Arthur Miles (Ferrari & Bergamasco Freestyle Vocal Mix) 06:09 121bpm Em
  3. Andrea Oliva – Playa (Extended Mix) 07:13 123bpm Dbm
  4. Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket – Love Vibes (Original Mix) 06:39 120bpm Cm
  5. BDK – Let Her Know (Original Mix) 06:10 122bpm Em
  6. Blaze, Barbara Tucker, UDAUFL – Most Precious Love (Unreleased Michael Gray Dub) 07:22 122bpm Gm
  7. Block & Crown – Got Me Burnin’ (Original Mix) 05:11 125bpm Am
  8. Block & Crown – One Day (Original Mix) 05:08 120bpm Gm
  9. Block & Crown, Lissat – Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix) 05:29 124bpm G maj
  10. Block & Crown, Paul Parsons – Whenever U Need Me (Original Mix) 04:17 124bpm Abm
  11. Bob Sinclar – Save Our Soul (Extended Rework 2021) 02:36 126bpm Abm
  12. Bob Sinclar – World Hold On feat. Steve Edwards (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Extended Mix) 06:17 125bpm Abm
  13. Brock Edwards – Sun Is Dark (Edit) 05:55 125bpm Abm
  14. Brothers in Arts – Space Junkies (Mirko & Meex Remix) 05:17 122bpm Fm
  15. Byron Stingily – You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Kevin McKay Remix) 06:08 126bpm F
  16. CASSIMM – Hella Mary (Extended Mix) 05:13 124bpm Gbm
  17. CASSIMM, Leela D – Your Honor feat. Leela D (Extended Mix) 06:10 125bpm G
  18. Cool 45 – Get What I Want (Original Mix) 05:40 120bpm Em
  19. Danny Cruz – Sugar (Original Mix) 05:46 122bpm Eb
  20. David Penn – Losing You (84Bit Remix) 05:14 123bpm Db
  21. David Penn – Losing You (Crusy & KPD Remix) 05:51 123bpm Dbm
  22. David Penn, Yass – Can’t Live Without You (Original Mix) 05:55 123bpm Dm
  23. Dennis Cruz – What U Doing feat. Leo Wood (Mousse T´s ‘Deep Shizzle’ Remix) 06:41 126bpm Gbm
  24. Dirty Secretz – Eternity (Original Mix) 05:54 125bpm Gm
  25. DJ Fopp, Andrea Carissimi – No Turning Back feat. Mr. V (Radio Mix) 03:27 123bpm Em
  26. DJ Mark Brickman – Freak It! 21′ (Original Mix) 06:34 126bpm Em
  27. Dutchican Soul – I Want Your Love (Original Mix) 05:54 122bpm Fm
  28. Earth n Days – The Change (The Cube Guys Remix) 05:29 124bpm Abm
  29. Ewan McVicar – Tell Me Something Good (Original Mix) 06:02 126bpm Ab
  30. Fatboy Slim – Rockafeller Skank (Todd Edwards Remix) 05:36 126bpm Am
  31. Ferreck Dawn, Jem Cooke – Back Tomorrow (Extended Mix) 05:55 125bpm Cm
  32. Funkatron – Second Choice (Re-Tide Remix) 08:01 124bpm Bm
  33. Georgie Porgie, Dawna Montell – Loving You (Georgie & Dawnas Jackin House) 05:13 125bpm Dm
  34. Greg Paris – Heat Up (Original Mix) 05:28 124bpm Ab
  35. Harry Romero – I Love (Extended Mix) 06:24 125bpm Ebm
  36. Hilit Kolet – Techno Disco feat. Kay Elizabeth (Extended Club Mix) 05:41 124bpm F
  37. Hiva – Everybody (Original Mix) 05:25 124bpm Em
  38. How To Loot Brazil, DJ Lora – Barcelona (DJ Lora’s Into The Light Mix) 06:03 123bpm Dm
  39. HP Vince – Higher Dreams (Original Mix) 06:41 125bpm D
  40. HP Vince – One Drink One Pill (Extended Mix) 05:43 125bpm C
  41. HP Vince – The Lonely People (Original Mix) 05:17 124bpm Cm
  42. HP Vince – When The World (Original Mix) 06:26 125bpm Gm
  43. HRDY, Paulo Maria – Over & Over (Original Mix) 07:22 124bpm A
  44. Hudson Cerone – Get With Me Now 06:17 124bpm D maj
  45. Hyslop – Like I Do (Extended Mix) 07:10 125bpm Fm
  46. Ian Carrera – Paradise Garage (The Final Cut) 06:11 124bpm Gm
  47. J. Worra – some ppl fall (David Penn Extended Remix) 06:17 125bpm Cm
  48. Jaki Nelson, Black Caviar, Your Favourite Garcon – Thrill Seeker (Original Mix) 03:46 128bpm Gbm
  49. James Deron, Angelo Ferreri, Danmic’s – House Feeling Anthem (Original Mix) 05:56 124bpm Bbm
  50. Jamie Roy – Organ Belta (Original Mix) 06:00 128bpm A
  51. Jay Potter – Why Do You (Extended Mix) 06:00 124bpm Gm
  52. Junior Jack – Stupidisco (David Penn Extended Remix) 06:48 123bpm Fm
  53. Junior Sanchez – Be with U 2.0 Feat. Dajae (Extended Mix) 05:16 123bpm Cm
  54. Kideko, Wh0 – Soul Searcher (Extended Mix) 05:41 125bpm Am
  55. Killed Kassette – Call This Love (Extended Mix) 06:12 125bpm Gm
  56. Kisch, Mari M – Build Me Up (Extended Mix) 05:45 124bpm Ebm
  57. Latasha, N-You-Up – Play (Original Mix) 06:38 124bpm Bbm
  58. Liliya, Alex Bohemien – Shall Be There Feat. Liliya (Extended Mix) 06:07 126bpm Gm
  59. Lost Prince – Always On My Mind feat. Pony (Franky Rizardo Extended Remix) 05:28 127bpm Am
  60. Louie Vega – Another Day In My Life (Louie Vega Re-Touch) 08:39 125bpm F
  61. Low Steppa – Your Love (Original Mix) 05:19 127bpm G
  62. Makito – Hip Breakin (Original Mix) 06:21 122bpm Am
  63. Makito, Jazzy Rossco – Don’t Let Go (Original Mix) 05:29 122bpm Dm
  64. Marc Cotterell – The Way You Hold Me (Cotterell’s Refix) 06:57 126bpm Bm
  65. Marc Cotterell – Why Don’t You (Original Mix) 06:51 125bpm C
  66. Matonii – Need in You (Extended Mix) 06:01 125bpm Gm
  67. Mattei & Omich, Elisabeth Yorke-Bolognini – Haven’t You Heard (Extended Mix) 05:58 126bpm Bbm
  68. Micah The Violinist, Manuel Moore, Rober Cruz, Juanjo Fenoy, Barbara Perez, Joseph Derteano – It’s Called Love (Original Mix) 04:58 125bpm Dm
  69. Michelle Weeks, Domino DB – So Cold (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Extended Remix) 05:28 125bpm Am
  70. Mike Newman – Another Truth (Original Mix) 05:54 123bpm A
  71. Milk & Sugar – Funky Music (Extended Mix) 06:11 125bpm Em
  72. Ministers De La Funk – Believe feat. Jocelyn Brown (Kurd Maverick Extended Revamp) 05:35 126bpm B
  73. Ministers De La Funk – Believe feat. Jocelyn Brown (Mark Knight Extended Remix) 07:22 125bpm Em
  74. Mr. V, Matt Early, Keith Mac – She Love The Disco (Funked Up Acid Mix) 05:55 124bpm B
  75. Paco Caniza – Crazy (Original Mix) 06:02 123bpm Fm
  76. Peter Brown, Lee Wilson, Glen Horsborough – Fever (Mike Newman Remix) 05:13 124bpm Cm
  77. Pray For More, Eric B Turner – The Sermon – Part 2 (Mike Newman Remix) 06:59 124bpm Gm
  78. Purple Disco Machine – Dopamine feat. Eyelar (John Summit Extended Remix) 05:17 124bpm Em
  79. Qubiko – Confused (Extended Mix) 06:15 124bpm Cm
  80. Return of the Jaded – I’m in Love with You feat. MELLY OHH (Extended Mix) 05:26 125bpm Ebm
  81. Richard Earnshaw, Inaya Day, Ridney – Gotta Have (Moodena Remix) 07:31 125bpm Dm
  82. Ridney, Laura Vane, Jayefel – All Your Love (Mattei & Omich Remix) 05:40 125bpm Dbm
  83. Rion S, Jimmi Harvey – On & On (Original Mix) 05:57 125bpm Fm
  84. Seamus Haji, Mike Dunn – Disco Dreams (Extended Mix) 06:25 121bpm E
  85. Serge Funk – All Around There World (Radio Edit) 03:45 125bpm Bbm
  86. Severe – Need Someone (Original Mix) 05:41 126bpm Dm
  87. Sofi Tukker, John Summit – Sun Came Up (Claptone Extended Mix) 06:31 124bpm Am
  88. SRCS, DAN:ROS – Your Love (Extended Mix) 05:11 125bpm Bbm
  89. Sugarstarr, Rubber People – On My Mind (Sugarstarr’s 12inch Mix) 05:21 123bpm Fm
  90. Super Disco Club – Happiness (ft. Sadako Pointer) (Earth n Days Remix) 03:33 123bpm Em
  91. Supernova, Mr V. – It’s Time Feat. Mr V. (Dario D’attis Extended Remix) 06:50 124bpm C
  92. Sven Kerkhoff – Shine (Extended Mix) 07:21 123bpm Bm
  93. Toscana – Mr.Love (Original Mix) 05:41 124bpm Fm
  94. Vertigini – My Number One (Original Mix) 06:20 124bpm Dm
  95. Walterino, DAN:ROS – You Funk (Original Mix) 05:17 123bpm Am
  96. Waterstone – So Good (Extended Mix) 06:37 122bpm Em
  97. Willie Ninja – Hot (Expansions NYC Dub) 07:55 124bpm Am
  98. Willie Ninja – Hot (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Remix) 07:56 124bpm C
  99. Willie Rosado – Why Not (Original Mix) 05:42 125bpm Cm
  100. Yves Murasca – All About Housemusic (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) 06:10 123bpm Em
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2021.11.29 15:43 inDependent_WhiNer NATURAL HAMMY SAFE SAND

Looking for natural sand recommendations, the sand I use is completely out of stock and I have no idea when it'll be back.
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2021.11.29 15:43 DementedFrosty The Game Crashed Again - Assassin's Creed - #22

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2021.11.29 15:43 Hairy-Card5238 Can I beat FET battle 100 with this setup?? this is the best I could arrange.

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2021.11.29 15:43 mynameisjujulie Anger issues

Hi everyone, so my boyfriend and i have been together for 6 years. I have very impatient and get upset for the dumbest things and my dad is the same way. After being together for 3 years my mom and sister decided to tell my boyfriend that i’m exactly like my dad, that i have a short fuse. Now that’s all he brings up when i get mad/upset about something small. he’ll say “you’re just like your dad” and i absolutely hate it. i don’t want to be anything like my dad or his side of the family. His family is curse, every single one of his bothers and sisters got divorced and remarried and guess what? all my older cousins did the same thing. i absolutely hate it that he says that but i can’t mention anything because i don’t want him to continue to rub it in my face. what should i do?
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2021.11.29 15:43 neopch #Hivepreneur T-Shirts Collection

#Hivepreneur T-Shirts Collection
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