Words of true men of culture

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2021.10.16 20:16 Funny-Land3565 Words of true men of culture

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2021.10.16 20:16 GortonFishman [Bloomberg] Almost 20% of U.S. Households Lost Entire Savings During Covid

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2021.10.16 20:16 ChiekezieNwosu 7 Best Dividend Stocks To buy under 7 Naira

For those already in the game of dividend investing, drop 7 Best dividend stocks in your portfolio under 7 Naira, to get those newbies on the road.
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2021.10.16 20:16 Administrative_Bus57 3 bedroom apt cost at university village?

Any ideas for where I can get these details? Whom would I contact? Anyone subleasing for AU22-23?
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2021.10.16 20:16 OrwellWasRight69 Legacy Media Melting Down Over Youngkin Possibly Becoming Virginia Governor

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2021.10.16 20:16 emilyyik hi!! can anyone help with my fairly young alocasia regal shield? it looks minor but i’m wondering if it’ll get worse, 65% humidity, bright light from my grow lights and gets watered when 3 quarters dry. thanks!

hi!! can anyone help with my fairly young alocasia regal shield? it looks minor but i’m wondering if it’ll get worse, 65% humidity, bright light from my grow lights and gets watered when 3 quarters dry. thanks! submitted by emilyyik to houseplants [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 20:16 dababy_by_daylight will the hot tub ever come back to the atomic shop?

when it was released I didn't have enough Atoms to get it but I have enough now. Should I keep saving them for the hot tub or is that never coming back?
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2021.10.16 20:16 Foxy_Forehead Spurs challenge

The new teams challenge is spurs v ajax but the scoring streak challenge for the spurs set is glitched out and doesnt say what to do. Anyone know?
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2021.10.16 20:16 BiThrowawayAdvice Should I [M28] tell my partner [F27] about a previous gay experience?

Hi relationship advice,
About 4 years ago I came out of a 5 year long term relationship. I downloaded tinder and went on dates and had casual hookups with a few women. However around the same time I met up with a guy with a view to experiment. I ended up going to his place and watching as he played with dildos and jacked off in front of me etc. I also had a little play with some anal toys and jerked off.
I somewhat enjoyed the experience, but I've never repeated it again (and I don't have any particular craving to do so).
I am now 18 months into another long term relationship, however I have never told my partner about this experience.
I might have been more open to telling her, but it came up in conversation fairly early on that she finds bisexuality a turn off in partners.
I feel bad that I haven't told her and I would like to, but I am scared of what she will say or think of me. I also feel bad that I haven't mentioned it sooner and have effectively hidden it from her.
Another complication is that I think this girl could be the one, which makes me MORE inclined to just be honest with her, but also more worried about what will happen as a result.
I'd really appreciate anyone's input!
TL;DR- Straight guy, met a guy 4 years ago and watched him do gay stuff whilst jacking off, never told current girlfriend about it and now I feel like I'm in too deep.
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2021.10.16 20:16 Status-Essay4560 So did Duck indirectly finish Oblock

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2021.10.16 20:16 koherence My thoughts on "specialization", and why it shouldn't be rushed.

Hi Everyone,
I've been helping out a few people on the subject through DMs and post replies for about a week now, and I'm seeing a reoccurring question & concern that many entry level folk, and sometimes even students bring up. That's the topic of specialization, specifically "what the heck should I specialize in!". It certainly is a valid question with many great answers, but I can't help but notice its not exactly coming from the right place. It seems to be coming from the realm of "I need to specialize, that's the only option - what do i do". Which is an incredibly stressful, and in my opinion not-needed mindset to have for many people.
This post might be long, so for those who read through it, thank you. I do also want to be upfront here, I don't know everything, some of my thoughts and advice is anecdotal, and I completely understand there are tons of people who's paths are completely different. This is not a one-size-fits-all thing, honestly - nothing is :) I'm choosing to not make a tl;dr to dissuade people from reading only that, and then commenting regarding something that is described in the post itself.
With that said I want to give brief background about me, and why I'm writing this.I've been working in IT, specifically security, specifically IAM, (yes, a sub-sub-section) for 7 years now. I found myself in the realm of Identity & Access Management kind of accidentally, and RIGHT out of school. I was a CS student turned into a Math major. Lucky for me, IAM hits all of my buttons and interests, so I've doubled down on it and hyper-specialized in it, becoming an SME in my area.
I had some major hiccups in my career, mostly around not knowing extremely basic things. I was self-trained for a lot of the technical stuff I learned (basic computer knowledge, networking, debugging, scripting, etc). So I didn't have any type of formal training in... well anything. With that in mind, picture me, a 25 year old "IAM Expert" talking to a company about there implementation design, being asked a question like "What firewall ports do we need to consider to make sure this communication goes through", and not really having a freaking clue what to say. HUGE GAPS.
Thankfully, that happened often, forcing me to backtrack drastically on many basic foundational stuff. (It got better btw). That's enough about me though, the point is - i specialization without even knowing it, and greatly suffered for it.
Most of this post is going out to the aspiring great minds (students, those seeking entry-level positions, etc), with the simple message of relax. Be a sponge, and take it all in. Many of the fields and subsections of IT are insanely intertwined, and almost no knowledge goes "wasted" because that isn't your specialty.
But what if you seriously just want to be a subject-matter expert in one thing, and you truly don't care too much about rounding out the corners? Definitely more power to you, because I think you have a clearer path of what you want than many entry-level folk do. I don't believe this post is geared towards that individual, and it certainly is not an attempt to dissuade anyone from specializing or becoming an SME.
Citing the original message: "relax". IT, and all of its components, is huge, overwhelming by nature, and challenging. You do not have to have it all figured out right now. But a rough path is needed, right?
Right! We are all humans, that share a pretty common trait. The need for structure, and stability. "A path forward", what does that path look like? Well its rough, loose, and the wind makes the the soil cover the path every 3 steps, but it still exists, its still there. So I like to break it down into two generic routes, and I understand that picking between these two routes is close to impossible for some who are just getting started but know, they are still connected, and nothing is final.

Extremely counter-intuitive because I was just talking about "don't worry about specializing", and then describe the first route as "a specialist" :). Bare with me! Specialization is inevitable for most, BUT it happens mostly with time, and of course a huge amount of effort... but mostly time. There isn't a certification that is ever going to outweigh time and experience.
The key take-away for those who prefer route 1 is what I've bolded the most: time. Give yourself a lot of time to get there. Let the technologies you enjoy and find legitimately interesting create that path for you. Remember, nothing is final. A network engineer wanting to learn CI/CD does not mean now they have to go and do DevOps work. I mean, they can if they want to, but learning other fields often comes with no conditions.
How the heck does a Manager fit into specialization? I would argue that those who become IT managers, or directors did not choose to specialize at all (at least not from the perspective of the technology). Do they have a fundamental understanding of a ton of different systems? Yup. Can they configure and customize them to the degree an SME might? Hell no, but they'll never really need to.
In my opinion, IT managers+ get the ability to constantly learn new fields, emerging technology, new systems, because they are required to have a fundamental understanding on them. You're route 1 technical specialist that deals with Office365 deployments, might not ever care about the most recent SAP upgrade going on, but your IT manager probably would.
The dreaded "jack of all trades" IT person makes a pretty solid IT manager in my experience.
The two paths described above are very generic and loose, for a reason. There isn't a path for everyone, sometimes you'll jump back and forth between each path, but as long as the direction you're going is forward, you're doing something right. Remember, give yourself time, think back to part of IT/computing that you enjoy, and focus on that. More often than not, your interests open doors to related interests.
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2021.10.16 20:16 Logar314159 Every movie starring Keanu Reeves, could be canon to Matrix as parallel simulations

With parallel simulations, machines get the most out of humans
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2021.10.16 20:16 mrmoves92 NKD: Hitohira Kikuchiyo Yohei ginsan 240mm gyuto

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2021.10.16 20:16 alpinebullfrog [WTS] Pa'lante V2 Laminate - 19" - 17.6 oz - $205 shipped

Great condition V2 in the laminate fabric. No problems with this pack — I just want a more alpine-focused pack these days.
$205 includes shipping (lower 48) & PayPal G&S. Happy to ship elsewhere as well.

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2021.10.16 20:16 Primal-Goblin Needler inspired ornament for malfeasance in the anniversary update please Bungie.

That's all.
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2021.10.16 20:16 honeyboy1203 Anyone a elling their FCF jerseys?

Send me a message if you are!
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2021.10.16 20:16 Commercial_Ad658 Ok this is about that one Enies lobby scene we’re Sanji puts up his arms and his left leg is on fire

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2021.10.16 20:16 AlvinBass533 JUST FOR BALTIMORE LOVERS

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2021.10.16 20:16 ShapeShiftingCats Cock Me??

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2021.10.16 20:16 squidink2124 Del in boxes! 1 hour only!

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2021.10.16 20:16 Csenior10 I just finished my CMMG dedicated 22. I installed the Fostech Echo Sport trigger along with the full auto sear trip kit. Do I need to add the Bore buddy weights to it? Or is there anything else I should get or upgrade? It’s surprisingly difficult to find much info out there

I just finished my CMMG dedicated 22. I installed the Fostech Echo Sport trigger along with the full auto sear trip kit. Do I need to add the Bore buddy weights to it? Or is there anything else I should get or upgrade? It’s surprisingly difficult to find much info out there submitted by Csenior10 to ar22 [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 20:16 Arbane-G Stop sexualizing women in the game (all games in fact)

Heroes like Queen, well generally female heroes, Valve must cover their naked body parts.
This game should not lead its players to pornography.
We play to enjoy the gameplay, not to masturbate. Sexualizing women is not acceptable in 2021. Valve pls fix this issue.
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2021.10.16 20:16 purple-cheesecake102 🗿

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2021.10.16 20:16 ThrowRAstillventing Update; my dad cheated on my mom with his friends daughter

Last posts summary my (15m) dad (36) cheated on my mom (36) with his friends daughter (19)
Hey thanks for all the messages checking up on me and my family. We’re doing okay. My older sister went on a camping trip with her friends and my little sister is staying with my grandma for the weekend because neither one of them wanted to be here when my dad came to pick up his stuff.
Yesterday my mom took off of work and spent the entire day putting all of my dads stuff into boxes. She folded everything up and organized it and labeled everything. I would’ve just thrown everything into garbage bags but I guess she’s nicer than me. He came over and picked it all up and kept trying to talk to my mom. Telling her that he hadn’t meant for her to find out like this, that he’d wanted to talk to her one on one and explain everything to her, like there’s shit to explain past him being a lying POS. She ignored him and I told him to shut up and get out.
Before he left he told me he was worried about me, I told him to drop the fake concerned father act because it wasn’t going to work anymore. If he was worried about the mental well-being of his kids he shouldn’t have blew up our entire family the way he did. He told me not to go down a dangerous path and I told him I’ll do it just to spite him.
She keeps messaging me trying to talk. The only reason I haven’t blocked her is so I can keep telling her to f off. She doesn’t actually care she’s trying to figure out if I’m going to tell my dad some stuff she did at the block party last month.
Her parents are pissed but she doesn’t live with her parents right now anyway she has an apartment closer to her school like 20 minutes away that her dad was paying for that he’s not going to pay for it anymore but I’m sure she’ll be fine because my dad will foot the bill for her from now on since I’m sure that’s where he’s staying. Since whenever she texts me it’s all “your dad is worried about you” and “your dad feels like shit” etc. But other than that her parents can’t do much and they’re really pissed about it. Her mom and my mom are talking a lot. Haven’t heard much from/about her dad.
Thanks to everyone who said nice things and gave advice and stuff. Moms feeling the love. Luckily she has some good friends.
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2021.10.16 20:16 PaddyTheLegend16 I've finally finished making every Smash Bros fighter in Minecraft! I hope you all enjoy

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