B&BW refuses to send me Welcome Home

2021.10.16 20:13 dkjsgjf8u B&BW refuses to send me Welcome Home

The first order they were a part of, they were canceled from it but stayed in stock for at least another week before disappearing online. The second time I successfully ordered 4, but they sent the wrong candle in place of one of them. CS ordered me a replacement, and then that order got canceled. I had 7 of them on my B2G2 order, all 7 got canceled. BBW's leaning hard into the "exclusive" part of "online exclusive" on that candle, damn!
On the bright side, I was kind of expecting they'd get canceled since I'd already had 3 issues with them, so at least now I can get another 20%/free shipping code from customer service, which will come in handy for candle day! Every single order I've placed since (and including) the Halloween pedestal launch order has had an issue and I can't wait to see what a shit-show our candle day orders turn out to be.
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2021.10.16 20:13 N3wH0rIz0Ns2 1970 Tula AKM overview

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2021.10.16 20:13 Subtlestrikes For the math brains

I’m sorry but I’m confused. Can some smart TC math brain help me understand Itto A2 and signature weapon buff do for his damage.
I just don’t fully understand what %def added to normal/charge attack actually looks like theoretically
Does that mean his multipliers go up by that percentage? Does it mean raw damage is added to formula?
Thank you in advance
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2021.10.16 20:13 Jacques995 Help with text shader

Hi everyone!
I have a question and I hope somebody here can help me. I need a gradient text from the attached photo. Here are the specifications:
stroke - 3px ; color #260601 gradient overlay -location:0% color #f2e8e8; location:18% color #b5a8a8; location:40% color #a09393; location:62% color #faf5f5; location:88% color #f7ebeb;
I already googled for gradient text in Godot and shaders and some stuff were really helpful but it seems I am still far from the solution.
This Github repo (https://github.com/Zekiah-A/godot-text-gradient-shader) is interesting but when I go through I don't understand what is going on.
I would appreciate any help from you guys. Thanks!
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2021.10.16 20:13 Star_Fish97 I (24m) am absolutely terrified I'm never going to find love

I am still a virgin, I've never kissed a girl, I've never been on a date
It's starting to get very depressing and I'm beginning to think it just might never happen
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2021.10.16 20:13 MegFairchild The Undercity

One of the major conflicts in an open 5e campaign I'm in on Discord is between the criminal underground and a clan of wererats. Well, an adventurer hired by the criminals killed old granny wererat... so now there are incursions to the surface, and player deaths after getting betrayed in the sewers on quests. Later today, planning to try to recover one of the bodies. Great spooky season fun, and the inter-guild and inter-player conflict is just beginning as this division splits the city. Fun times!
( https://discord.gg/2ZqSwfNxnW )
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2021.10.16 20:13 anonguy1111 32 M4F - Essex County - shy guy with a big dick looking for a fwb, maybe more, maybe less

i'm 32 and live alone in north jersey. i'm 5'8", thin, bearded, have brown hair and eyes, and a thick 7.5 inch cock. i'm certainly on the more vanilla side, but with a huge obsession with booty. i'm ideally looking for something that has the potential to become serious, but for now just trying to meet new people and am open to something casual, maybe a friends-with-benefits situation. some quick personal tidbits - i'm a homebody, i like card and board games, i have very left-wing political views, i'm a baseball fan, and i love trying new restaurants.
i'd like to chat a bit first before meeting up to make sure we're compatible. if you're interested in a pretty average guy that isn't particularly kinky but is very caring and understanding and has a nice cock, that's me. i'm quite shy and awkward so i apologize ahead of time for that. looking forward to hearing from you!
here's a cock pic: https://i.imgur.com/yEfckvF.jpg
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2021.10.16 20:13 _Tiragron_ Divide and Conquer - Chapter 7

Hello everyone!
So, yes, I most likely am going to be able to continue writing this series until I'm busy again, but until then I'll try and write as much as I can since I really enjoy writing this story.
Thank you u/BlueFishcake for such an amazing universe and to everyone on the Discord server
Divide and Conquer Directory
- - -
- - -
The fact Carlos was no longer writing in his omni-pad to remember what his days were like spoke magnitudes about both the marvels of the Shil’vati Medical Capacity, and of how repetitive and boring Basic can get. It was the weekend once again, they were still not allowed to go off base, but from what intel Carlos could glean thanks to his cousin Kirt, that wouldn’t last much longer, or at least for a select few. “... So, in summary, from what I keep finding out about other cadres is that for you to get access to off base privileges you have to pass a certain test and then those who passed can get off base while those who didn’t have to stay” Kirt told both me and Frailla in whispers. Both her and Frailla had been getting along with each other more and more with every passing day, mostly because Kirt just began talking about how I seemed to be unstoppable or reckless whenever I did anything that had any sort of physical exertion, let alone mental as were the normal classes of Shil’vati military history and etiquette. Meanwhile, Frailla was just in full agreement with her and continued the talk, albeit from a VERY different point of view, which made Kirt give Frailla the smirk of doom a couple times, making Frailla blush deep blue whenever it happened.
“Well, if it’s anything physical, which I’m almost certain will be, all I’ll have to do is carry the team on my back and from there we should be ready to do as we please that weekend” is all Carlos said. He had stopped caring about hiding how he processed things behind a fake smile, everyone in the cadre had found out thanks to Frailla accidentally telling on him when she started bragging about Carlos’s ability to read and predict whoever he fought just by looking at them once or twice. That was a mess and a half to clear up with Carlos having to prove it or he’d be doing four times what everyone else did, which he didn’t want as that would certainly leave him exhausted and unable to do much other than basic training.
Frailla and Kirt just looked at Carlos with questioning glares “So, if my gaming lingo from Earth is right, that means you’re going to lead and do everything for your team with ease, little arrogant don’t you think?” Frailla said, Carlos only shrugging with a smile much to both Frailla’s and Kirt’s disappointment in the human. ‘Too arrogant, yet he has yet to be proven wrong’ thought Kirt, looking with disdain at Carlos, both proud and disgusted at her newest cousin being like this, let alone being like this as a male. ‘Too careless, yet he doesn’t need to worry about much’ is all Frailla could think, which in reality was all wrong, yet Carlos didn’t let his stress and concern show in any means that were perceivable by them, and only really perceivable to his parents and maybe his uncle.
“Hey, I’m not that arrogant, or at least not anymore, but the reason why is in the past and this is the now, so, what do you both say we have another tournament? Invite the rest of the girls to participate, however this time we do it between both days in Strategy games like chess or Sid Meyer’s Civilization?” Carlos asked, much to Frailla’s and Kirt’s confusion. “Chess is a simple game to learn from Earth, you have sixteen pieces, half of which are the pawns, while the rest are the king and queen, two rooks, two knights, and two bishops. Each piece moves differently and has different values, but the game ends when the other player’s King is unable to escape an attack” Carlos explained, which had Palne coming over, of all the people around she was the least likely to be interested in Carlos’s mind given the choice of games she had chosen the last time.
“So, this ‘chess’ you’re speaking of is, what I assume, a very simple strategy game with lots of nuance and intricacies that make it highly complex by its own nature” Palne asked, much to Carlos’s and Frailla’s surprise, while Kirt just smiled smugly when looking at both her companions in their previous conversation.
“Precisely, want to play? I have it set up in my omnipad, others can come and look too if they want” Carlos asked, to which Palne simply nodded in agreement. “Perfect!” Carlos said as he got up and moved from the table they were sitting at towards one of the larger couches around before setting up the display to mirror on the screen to show the game. “So, the game is as follows, Pawns can move only one square at a time unless it’s the piece’s first time moving, then it can move up to two squares forward; they capture other pieces by moving diagonally into the other piece’s spot; if a pawn reaches the other side of the board they become any of the other pieces except for a second king. Next is the Bishop, it can move diagonally any number of squares up until either an allied piece which blocks the path, or an enemy piece which it can capture by ending on the same square as the enemy piece. After that is the Rook, they move horizontally and vertically as many squares as they want with the same restrictions as the Bishop; they also have the option to ‘castle’ with the King, but more on that when we get to the King. Next is the Knight, the piece that has the oddest movement of all; it moves in an L shape, and it can only end its turn at the end of said shape, however in exchange to this it can go over any and all pieces no matter which it is; typically this is a difficult piece to learn, but this program highlights all available spaces the piece can move to for you. Next is the Queen, the second most valuable piece right after the King; the Queen piece has the most movement options available as it can move as both a Bishop and a Rook, having the ability to move as far as it can in any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction, with the only movement option it cannot do is the Knight’s; this is typically what people get when they get a pawn to the other side as it is extremely versatile and valuable, especially in the mid to end game. Lastly the King, the goal of the game; the king can only move one square at a time, but it can do so in any direction it wants unless it results in the piece’s capture, which in turn leads to the end of the game; your objective as a player is to protect your king while seeking to capture the other player’s king; what some people do is put real life counterparts as imagery to the pieces, so for example: the Pawns could be Infantry, the Bishops could be Airships, the Rooks could be Vehicle Mounted Infantry, the Knights could be the famed Exos, the Queen could be the Ships in orbit, and the King could be your HQ, and the same for the enemy” Carlos explained, which seemed to be right up almost everyone’s alley as the whole cadre had gathered to listen about this game from Earth. “Alternatively, if being a general isn’t your preference in such games, and instead prefer a more political view” Carlos said as he glanced to Kirt, Kugra, Aranka, and Sharia, who now looked like they were very much interested in this game, “the Pawns could be simple political power and favours owned and owed by and to you and your allies, the Rooks could be your political allies and their influence, the Bishops your influence over specific important people, the Knights your political favours that can have a big impact over your and your enemies’ influence over others, the Queen your plan, and the King your own political integrity” Carlos said, which made Kirt look at the screen in contemplation and a new appreciation of the game, while she simply scoffed and smiled as she had apparently found the game and how easy it is to mask the pieces as strategically valuable assets and threats a little amusing.
“So, how do you view it Carlos?” Asked Frailla, apparently being the only one without any reservations about how he’d take to the question, especially after the martial arts talk from earlier in the week, while Laura and Mitsuko just looked at him in disbelief at how far someone’s imagination could be taken when stretching something far enough.
“Well, to me it depends on what I’m looking for or who I’m playing against, sometimes it’s a fight, others it’s a whole operation with unbearably high stakes” Carlos answered, which seemed to be more of a letdown than anything as Frailla visibly deflated at the boring answer.
“And here I thought it was going to be some grand imagining of two interdimensional beings duking it out for who is better than the other, guess I’ll just imagine it though” Frailla said, which seemed to be similar to what many others in the cadre were thinking.
After the massive explanation and lack of awe, most of the cadre left the area and went to do what they were doing before, with Mitsuko and Kerno no longer within sight no matter where or how hard you looked. ‘Well, guess they’re official now’ is all Carlos could think with a grin on his face
Eventually, as Carlos was demolishing Palne in the fifth game in a row, Aranka decided to sit right next to Carlos and whisper something in his ear, to which he looked at her shocked, before a laugh came forth and the game over in three moves from the current state of the board. “Well, if it’s a challenge you want you’ll definitely get it!” is all Carlos said.
This got the attention of Laura, Sharia, Kerno, and Kirt as they all eyed the human male and Senthe female apparently setting up their omnipads for the game. “If you’re taking thisss bet, then there ssssshould be ssssome handicap, how about you play blindfolded?” is all Aranka said, which she thought was a brilliant move, but Carlos simply smiled to that.
“Only blindfolded? Very well, any other handicaps?” Carlos said cockily, which made everyone who was interested wonder what in the deep he was on about. Carlos simply put some cloth over his eyes from his dirty laundry and waited expecting something else.
Calling his bluff, Aranka looked at Carlos before she started the game with her being the White pieces and Carlos being the Black pieces. with Aranka starting by moving the pawn in D2 to D4. “Pawn to D4, your turn” is all Aranka said.
Carlos, with no hesitation moved his knight from G8 to F6 “Knight to F6” Carlos said, his omnipad beeping as his command was received and processed before moving the piece as he just commanded.
After roughly seven moves, Carlos decided to capture one of Aranka’s pieces. “Bishop capture Knight C3” is all he said, which made Aranka’s nagging and teasing shut up all at once as she realised Carlos had no real handicap and was playing blindfolded perfectly.
“What, how did you… very well, if you want to play like that then so be it” is all Aranka said as Kirt was now the only onlooker of the game, and was amazed at how Carlos was playing blindfolded with no issue whatsoever. “Pawn capture Bishop C3” is all Aranka said, only looking at the screen now and focusing entirely on the game.
Eventually, the game was nearing its end, with Carlos perfectly calm while Aranka was incredibly annoyed at how resilient Carlos had been to her assault. “Queen capture Rook H8” said Aranka.
“Rook C2, your move Aranka” said Carlos, goading her into making a mistake, but she wasn’t budging, focused solely on her target and how to get there.
“Rook C1” is what Aranka said, hoping to protect her king in G1 from Carlos’s rook. In the end this was a fatal mistake on her part.
“Rook G2, check, your move” Carlos said, which infuriated Aranka, but she couldn’t afford to lose, not after what she told Carlos before this game.
“King F1” Up until Aranka’s mistake, the game had been on roughly equal terms, now it was a disaster for Aranka and a golden opportunity for Carlos.
“Queen B3” Carlos said with resignation as he began to sit up, making Aranka flustered as she hurriedly thought of a move to make.
“K-king E1” is all Aranka said as she saw how Carlos was taking the makeshift blindfold off already. “This game isn’t over yet, I can still fight!” is all she said as Carlos looked at her with sorrow in his eyes.
With a somber look, Carlos put a hand on Aranka’s shoulder consolingly as he uttered the last of the game “Queen F3, game’s over, your king is trapped and you can’t do anything to save it, sorry, but this is checkmate, all I have to do is move my rook to B4 and I win, which you can’t do anything about since your pieces are all attacking my king’s position” is all Carlos said before breaking into a smile. “Well, guess now you owe me two favours, that’s nice” he said cheerily as Aranka sat in disbelief at how she had been beaten, she had him in her grasp, but he was always ready and countered with a move she never expected, every time. Meanwhile he looked towards the open door expecting to see someone enter “Well, guess the two lovebirds finished whatever they were doing in the women’s bathroom” Carlos said as he cheekily looked at Mitsuko and Kerno enter the room, both looking like a deer in headlights as Carlos approached them talking about how they were both going to explain right now what they were doing in the bathroom, making Mitsuko flush bright red and Kerno stutter like never before.
- - -
With the game over, Carlos noticed no-one was willing to play anymore given his exceptional show of skill, so he decided to go find someone he had wanted to talk to for some time now, namely his DI, who he still needed to get the name of, but Kirt insisted on not revealing that information as it would get her in massive trouble. Eventually, after walking down the corridors for a few minutes, Carlos found who she was looking for and decided to make the encounter as random looking as possible, positioning himself such that he could notice her coming while she didn’t notice he was there. After what felt like hours, Carlos began to walk towards the intersection his DI was headed to. After almost bumping into her, Carlos feigned surprise and opened with a salute. “Afternoon Ma’am” is all he said, but to his surprise, the woman looked both pleased and annoyed to see him here and not in the Rec room with the rest of the Cadre.
“At ease recruit, As I already told all of you, I don’t like salutes during free time, makes it feel insignificant and just another aspect of life one does automatically instead of when it is actually needed” she said, much to Carlos’s annoyance at the repeat of something she had repeated over and over again to everyone in the cadre last week, which she took as a win against the stoic human. “So, recruit Carlos, I have a proposition for you, After the weekend we are going to give the cadre your uniforms and will include them in all activities during the coming week for everyone to get used to them, however it has come to my attention you will be at a disadvantage during the final day of the week when we will test you. I won’t give any details but just as a warning to prepare for the coming week” she said as she began stepping away from him.
Excited at the news, Carlos started smiling, but not having been done with his involvement with the DI, he stepped towards her hurriedly, before matching her pace. “Ma’am, if I may ask, when we are allowed to get off base during our free time, can we go into the wilderness for the weekend and come back when duties commence once again?” Carlos asked, not wanting to beat around the bush with the woman.
Taken aback by the question and the implication he already knew the Cadre would be able to get off base soon, she snickered. “That cousin of yours will be an issue if she already got you that information and I didn’t notice. In regards to ‘camping’ as you humans call it, yes, you are allowed to do so so long as it doesn’t impact the environment in any significant way for longer than two years, otherwise, everything else is allowed, why do you ask, want to go hunt a Grinshaw?” she asked, to which Carlos simply grinned, which made her go pale before remembering this human in particular was an exception to almost every rule thought of humans in the first place. “Tell you what recruit, if you manage to slay one of those beasts and bring it to base after going off into the wilderness, you get my name, sound like a fair deal?” she said, not believing the human would take her up on her offer.
Carlos on the other hand was internally jumping from joy, but his grin remained as it was, if a little more menacing in his posture. “Very well, I’ll take you up on that offer, but to keep it fair to the rest of the cadre I’ll avoid mentioning both name and arrangement to anyone other than you or I” Carlos said as if he had already completed the deed. which made the DI realise she had given the human exactly what he wanted, a way to gain information on her.
“If you come back with any injury, then you’ll be on latrine duty from then until you and the rest of the cadre graduate from basic, understood?” the DI said, to which Carlos gave a salute and a firm ‘Yes Ma’am!’ as an answer, which worried her slightly, but she was not going to take any chances with the man, after all, he had proved her and everyone in the cadre he was already above most of what they considered normal for a recruit, ‘If only he could concentrate in anything that wasn’t training however he’d make an incredible asset for the empress’s military’ is all the DI thought as she walked away with Carlos going back to the Rec room practically skipping a step as he began to draw leaves on his omnipad, it was pretty, but it also looked to her like some sort of language with how it was portrayed, not that she cared much yet but it was an interesting way to store information nonetheless.
- - -
As he walked through the hallways writing and focused solely on what he was writing and his destination, he simply looked up as he stopped and noticed Kerno running from Mitsuko, who was blushing bright red as she chased her back to the dorms. Thinking little of the encounter. “Aranka, if you want to catch up to them you better stop walking and start running” he said as he looked towards the direction they were coming from, with Aranka slithering past the corner and freezing as Carlos pointed out she was there without even looking at her.
“Tell me, how can you know who is where and when, do you have trackers on us or something?” she said as Frailla suddenly appeared right behind her.
“No, just have good ears is all” he said smugly as he waved at Frailla, who sheepishly waved back.
“Well, it’s starting to become a little creepy, try not to call out to us before you see us please” Aranka pleaded as she sped towards where the other two left off to.
“That was something” is all Frailla said before looking at Carlos lustfully. Carlos on the other hand simply put his omnipad in his pocket and grinned with a menacing glare at the woman, making her flinch and shrink ever so slightly.
“Not yet dear, once we get what Kirt told us about you’ll have it all to yourself… after I hunt a Grinshaw anyways, should only take half a day if I remember them correctly” is all he said as Frailla looked at him with both fear and arousal. ‘Huh, so that is one of her kinks, guess she’s not vanilla at all then’ Carlos said with a devilish grin forming on him, Frailla staring confused at Carlos’s amusement.
“So… if we aren’t going to join those three, then what are we going to do?” Frailla said, before blushing a deep blue as she realised she just outed her best friend and her two girlfriends to Carlos, who seemed to be taken out of thought as he heard Frailla address him.
“Sorry, couldn’t pay attention with the cutie in front of me, would you mind repeating yourself?” Carlos said as Frailla just blushed a deeper shade of blue, making Carlos laugh out loud for a little bit. “Well, that’s not helping your situation in the slightest, anyways, I’m heading to the infirmary, I need to ask Mo’re for more stimulants to counter my ADD” he said as he started walking towards the infirmary, Frailla shyly coming along trying to hide her face.
- - -
“So, you’re saying your brain is wired to pay attention to multiple things at a time, but normally people use that same capacity to pay attention to a single thing with at most two others in the background? That doesn’t make any sense!” Frailla exclaimed as Carlos reached for the infirmary’s door.
“Side effects of coming from a persistence hunting species that wasn’t an apex predator in an environment everything is trying to kill you I guess, anyways, that’s hardly an issue normally, but I really want to deal with this challenge accordingly” Carlos said as he opened the door to Mo’re and Kugra making out, to which Carlos quietly closed the door again and motioned to moving away as Mo’re was getting a little excited and giggly. “I… don’t think today’s a good day, how about we go meet up with my cousin then, she should be back where we left her, most likely sleeping after all those games of chess” Carlos said, as Frailla followed him to the Rec Room, both of them blushing from what they just witnessed.
- - -
After silently moving through the hallways, they reached the Rec Room once again, and Kirt was sleeping on the couch where they all left her, and apparently everyone had gone off somewhere to do something else. “Well, looks like everyone wanted to blow off some steam as no-one is here” is all Carlos said, to which Frailla blushed and nodded, with Kirt waking up shortly after before looking at the two and giving them both the smirk of doom.
“Well, if it isn’t the two lovebirds, what brings you here, boredom? Besides, what’s with the handholding?” she said, to which Carlos and Frailla looked down at their hands before blushing brightly and immediately letting go before each going on an explanation about why they were holding hands. Kirt laughed as the two looked incredibly pathetic blaming the other for what happened “Well! Guess some things don’t change between species after all, the dominant can’t take it to be soft and cute for the other” Kirt said with a boisterous laugh.
“Well, if I get my way then that won’t be much of a problem anymore” Carlos said as Kirt and Frailla looked at him curiously. Carlos cursed silently as he simply waved his hand dismissively, to which both women shrugged and looked to both be calm now. ‘Almost gave it away, can’t have them know yet, it’s already bad enough my superiors and the medical staff know about it’ Carlos thought to himself as he began some idle conversation with the two women.
- - -
Meanwhile outside the Base
- - -
“Ok, so let me get this straight, you two came here to have dinner with a recruit because..?” the woman said, the ranking on her uniform showing her to be the equivalent to a lieutenant, her looking baffled at the two men and single Interior Agent in front of her, who was remaining quiet for now and letting the two men talk for now.
“Well, it is tradition that family eat together when possible during the weekend, I hear the Shil’vati are big on tradition, wouldn’t want to break it because we can’t eat with my nephew in the base, even if it’s just military food” The eldest said, clearly being Carlos’s uncle, with Carlos’s brother right next to him.
“Sorry to disappoint, but rules are rules for a reason no matter tradition, besides, we follow and respect Shil’vati tradition, not alien tradition, so go to your woman and leave or I shall have you vacated from the premises” said the woman, to which Ki’wt almost leapt at the chance to incite a fight, only to be stopped by Roberto by him lifting a hand and both him and Jorge standing up.
“Well, sorry for the inconvenience, we just thought after much debating that breaking the news to him in person now would be better than waiting for his graduation ceremony and have that sour from it” Jorge said with a little bit of spite, which both women present didn’t fully get, but the officer did listen up to.
“What news is so important to warrant this course of action?” Asked the woman, to which Jorge looked at her with a stone cold glare.
“Well, the death of our parents and maiming of our sister, he should know and from us would be the best way for him to do so” he said, which shook the officer to the core, and brought Jorge and Roberto, alongside Ki’wt to tear up at the repetition of the news, but all of them staying cold at the situation.
“Oh… I… I didn’t know, I’ll… I’ll make arrangements for next week as this week there’s nothing to be done, however next week is when the recruits will be able to leave the base and spend their free time off base, however I’ll make sure to let his superiors know of the situation” is all the woman said before the three people left the room, and subsequently premises, leaving the woman in contemplation before typing away to someone in her omnipad.
- - -
- - -
Welp, hopefully nothing too bad happens next, what will happen? I sure don't know what will (kidding but I'm not telling ;D)
Hopefully you all enjoyed reading this, and if you did then hopefully you're here for the next chapter!
Again, thank you u/BlueFishcake for such an amazing universe and to everyone on the Discord server
Divide and Conquer Directory
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2021.10.16 20:13 Robbie15x Just found out about the card for the next Impact PPV and I have to say that if Kenny Omega was in it more people would buy it.

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2021.10.16 20:13 Alanschwalbe Odin is a bit bigger than I expected

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2021.10.16 20:13 Weird_Balls Where to sell tickets?

I had a friend cancel last minute and I'm not able to sell it on seatgeek. Any tips is appreciated.
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2021.10.16 20:13 ShortAlgo $CDNS Waiting for Short signal.

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