The idea of working 40+ hours a week minimum wage is killing me.

I’m from the US where most full time positions are 40 hours a week. It is different from salaried (rather than hourly) positions–but many of these wind up being more than 40 hours a week. Minor point, though–37 hours a week is pretty close to full time. My favorite giggly Hispanic nurse told me he is a Temp hired thru LocumTenens for $110 per hour for 25 hours work week. Well,A Temp is A Temp is A Temp,even with MD dog tag. I told the nurse: Watch him ! En algo debe haberse metido (He must have gotten into something) Qién sabe en qué andaba (Who knows what he was up to ?) Five years after the 30-hour week fell apart, Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act, which mandated higher pay beyond 40 hours in certain industries, effectively formalizing the five-day ... A New York City police officer is in custody after she allegedly shot two women, killing one, at a home in Brooklyn. October 14 Don't rely on safety systems in cars during bad weather, AAA warns By Matt Shuham | October 11, 2021 1:40 p.m. Trump Asked For Probe Into Whether China-Made Thermostats Hacked Election, Book Says . By Cristina Cabrera | October 11, 2021 12 ... WTOP delivers the latest news, traffic and weather information to the Washington, D.C. region. See today’s top stories. It seems our workplaces have either become wastelands of unmotivated slackers making minimum wage or those hungry cats that work 50-70 hours a week as young 20-something engineers or 30-something lawyers or 40-something doctors. Managers last longer but the shake-up axe is always one or two years away. U.S. CEO-to-worker pay ratio rose to 299-1 last year. The average S&P 500 [.SPX] chief executive made $15.5 million last year, 299 times the pay of the median worker and a higher ratio than in ... 6. Millennials don't work the same hours (even when they do). "I was walking down the hallway at work and overheard, 'The thing with millennials is they come and go whenever they want. WATCH: Adorable 15-week-old sea lion pup at Ohio zoo takes first dive in outdoor pool By Kristin Fisher, CNN. US announces $20 million deal to launch high-tech weather satellites in space

2021.10.16 20:04 12086478 The idea of working 40+ hours a week minimum wage is killing me.

Im 23, from the UK
I fucked my GCSE's and I quit college early , I quickly got into unskilled labour such as warehouse work
Right now I'm in-between jobs bc warehouse work relies on agencies that will throw you out for no good reason.
But it's dawning on me that I'm going to be doing this forever. I have no interests , no skills , no other motive.
I'm going to be working shit minimum wage jobs for the rest of my life. I still live at home with mum and siblings.
I bearly make £1200 a month
I don't want to live like this , where my life goal is to Purley just about survival, being able to eat and have a roof over my head .
I want to enjoy weekends without thinking "well Monday its back to this"
Fridays are so bitter sweet, a sense of freedom but also knowing that in 48 hours I'll be back to the day to day work week.
I feel like I'm drowning constantly and everyone around me is okay doing the same.
I want to be happy.
I don't know where to start .
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2021.10.16 20:04 Chloet2 New Card is Being Produced

Went to my interview yesterday (10/15/2021) and Im 19 years old. I checked my USCIS Case Status today and it says, “New Card is Being Produced.” “On October 15 2021 we ordered your new card for receipt number and will mail it to the address you gave us.”
Does it mean that my case was approved and my green card is on the way? I just want to make sure I’m sorry 😅
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2021.10.16 20:04 ArbiterFred Badass couple

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2021.10.16 20:04 Chos3n0ne Polish squid game

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2021.10.16 20:04 Ok-Radish6270 So what it is?

I am 15 M, I go to tuition and ther l have a crush on a girl l think she likes me too, Not just gut feeling but every time she enters her eyes are locked on the spot next to me. One day she even ask one guy to go back to the row so l can sit with her. Is she just being casual friend or it's something else.
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2021.10.16 20:04 Punny-Aggron The crate

The atlesian soldier marched aimlessly onwards, carrying the crate behind him. He wasn’t exactly sure why he was doing it, but it didn’t matter, nothing mattered except getting the crate to wherever the crate needed to go
After what felt like an eternity, the soldier finally came upon a small town. He wasn’t sure about bringing the crate with him. After all, who knew what was inside. He didn’t care, all he knew was he had to get it somewhere, but where?
The middle of the towwwwn
The soldier continued onward. As he entered the town, the townsfolk began to notice him. It was unusual to see an Atlesian soldier all the way out there, let alone one with a large crate behind him. A little girl approached him as he marched on.
“Hello mister.” She said. “Welcome to our village.”
“Thank you.” The soldier replied in a low tone. The girl put her hand on the crate.
“What’s inside the crate, mister?”
“I don’t know.”
The girl pulled her hand back.
“What did you say?”
“I didn’t say anything.” The soldier reassured her.
Goooo awaaaayyyy
Suddenly, the girl’s demeanor changed. Her smile vanished, her happiness was gone.
“I should head home.” She said in a sad sounding voice. The soldier payed her no mind as he continued on until he reached the middle of the town.
Eventually, the soldier had reached the middle of town and sat down to rest. A town guard approached him as he was resting.
“Hey! You can’t just leave your stuff here!” The guard yelled at him angrily. “State your business!”
“I-I’m not sure what I’m doing.” The soldier replied.
“What do you mean?” The guard questioned.
Iiiits okaaayyy
“What? Who said that?” The guard said confused.
Leeave ussss alooooone
The guards demeanor suddenly changed. Suddenly he was calm, his anger subsided.
“They don’t pay me enough for this.” The guard said as he walked away.
Yoouuuu maaayyyy gooooo
The soldier then left his crate in the square. Suddenly he realized how hungry he was. He felt as though he hadn’t eaten in days. Quickly he walked toward the nearest diner and ordered food. When his food came, he quickly ate and reached into his pocket to pay, but when he saw the money he quickly stopped. Something about using this money felt wrong somehow. Nevertheless, he paid and left.
As he was walking, he remembered that he was posted at a dock in order to guard Atlesian shipments. He knew he was far from his post, he had to hurry back or he’d be in trouble.
The crate sat motionless in the town square. As people passed, the stared at it curiously. As time passe, more and more people surrounded the crate. They looked it over to see why it was there. Suddenly, they looked up and noticed something: the lid began to move.
Time passed as night began to approach. The soldier was so busy trying to get back that he didn’t think as to what he was doing out there in the first place.
“How did I get out here?” He wondered aloud. He began to remember. The dock he was posted at. There was an abandoned crate outside. Then a group of Grimm, the Apathy attacked. He was the only survivor.
He stopped. If the docks were gone, where was he going? He tried remembering further. The crate. He was carrying it. He found a town, much like the one he just visited. He left it there, but returned to find it destroyed. The Apathy destroyed it. The crate was there. The crate. The Apathy.
The Apathy were in the crate!
The soldier quickly ran back to the village, hoping he wasn’t too late. Hopefully he could get the crate away from the village and destroy it before the Apathy could cause any more damage. But it was too late.
The soldier arrived to a horrific site. The townsfolk had all gone limp, laying motionless on the ground as the Apathy came for them, killing them all. The soldier fell onto his knees. He had failed. The Apathy got what they wanted. Another town was gone and it was his fault. He fell foreword and began to weep.
Geeet uuupp
“No, no not again!”
Youuu neeeed tooo goooo
“I can’t. Not again.”
The soldiers demeanor changed. He sat up and got to his feet.
“Okay. I’ll go.” He said in a deadpan voice. He began to walk towards the middle of town. Along the way he stopped to gather money from the corpse of a townsfolk. He then continued until he came back to the crate.
Tooo the neeext toowwwn
The atlesian soldier marched aimlessly onwards, carrying the crate behind him.
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2021.10.16 20:04 TheRogueSky [XB1] H: Plans. W: Offers (No Plans)

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2021.10.16 20:04 _TheDutchOven_ Need to change my pants

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2021.10.16 20:04 spacemao 'After-Hours Check-In' [VQGAN+CLIP]

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2021.10.16 20:04 yenki123 I was told that bacon would fix my spotty seasoning.

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2021.10.16 20:04 Affectionate_Cat293 unpopular opinion: Bali sucks.

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2021.10.16 20:04 wolfire2475 What are your thoughts on when two series do a crossover episode?

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2021.10.16 20:04 anonymousdonut321 guess my favourite song artist right now and I'll give u an award

pretty self explanatory
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2021.10.16 20:04 S0HCAHTOA 25 [M4F] Go?

Drunk and horny. Are you up for chat? We can talk about fetishes, experiences and kinks. And also Sop. Hmu! 😉😉
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2021.10.16 20:04 bot_neen En Pueblo Nuevo, Durango, 80 familias incomunicadas por el paso de 'Pamela'

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2021.10.16 20:04 JoshPile [WTS] [US-TN] [H] Blue Microphones Baby Bottle, Baby Bottle Latvian, Custom Baby Bottle, Neumann TLM 103 & EA1, Neumann BCM 705, Complete Red Type B Set [W] Audeze LCD-X, PayPal or Local Cash

(pictures & timestamp) Hello AVX!
It's time to thin out my microphone hoard and get some new stuff. There is a lot here, so I'd be happy to get more photos of specifics for those that are seriously interested.
The Type B is in great condition, there are issues with the Cranberry XLR cable and shock mount. Though I *believe* I can get new parts for the shock mount for an extra cost. Recently came back from Blue's service team, got the all clear and a mounting/connection repair on the R8 head. Hasn't been used since other than photos & testing.
Shipping is included in the prices, can give a slight discount on multiples for that reason.
Mainly searching for a 2021 LCD-X, but open to older models.

Microphone Info Price
(2x) NIB Blue Baby Bottle Original Packaging & QC Papers $300/ea
Blue Baby Bottle Blue S3 Shockmount, Blue Pop Filter, Wood Box $300
Customized Blue Baby Bottle N/A $175
Blue Baby Bottle (Original Latvian) Great condition, box & felt bag, intact sticker $500
Red Type B All Original w/ All Packaging (please inquire for more photos) $2500
Neumann TLM 103 Original Box & Neumann EA1 $950
Neumann BCM 705 Original Packaging $400
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